Improvisation Acting Workshop “Acting Made Stupid Simple”

Teaches Actors and Others How to Think on Their Feet

Houston, Texas (September 6, 2013)- It has been said that “The world is a stage and the audience is waiting.”  Now, you can “improv”, we mean, improve your dynamic communication skills with this workshop production designed to help actors and business professionals alike to adopt simple methods to winning the favorable attention of others.

Marc Isaacs_White Shirt“I have had the opportunity to be working actor for many years and enjoy exploring the range and breadth of how we communicate with each other,” says veteran Texas Actor Marc Isaacs, “There is more to acting than acting.  Acting is life!”

Whether you are in sales, a CEO, lawyer, teen, parent, or presenter, learning to improvise will help you to pick up (more acutely) non-verbal cues, situational awareness, personality differences, identify your desired outcomes, relating in group dynamics, and improve your personal projection (how other’s see you).

This workshop could open a door for your interests in film, TV, theatre, or the boardroom.  “Lights, camera, improvise, action!” says Marc.

Date:  September 14, 2013
Time: 1PM to 4PM
Location:  Houston’s Museum District (contact for directions and exact location)
Cost:  $75 if paid in advance/$85 on the actual date
Ages:  16 and up

For more information visit: or call: 713.817.3611.

About Acting Made Stupid Simple

Acting Made Stupid Simple, founded by instructor, writer and actor Marc Isaacs, serves as a first stop for anyone interested in starting a career as an actor in commercials, films and TV.  Marc shares tips, anecdotes and observations as he travels throughout Texas and the region to work as a professional actor.


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