Market Surveys Basic

Market surveys have proven very valuable to discovering trends, test ideas, client satifisfaction, and may lead to new revenue streams via product/service development and enhancement.  This information can help your leadership team and sales organiztion to be more effective.  This valuable primary market research tool can uncover real-time market information from your existing clients and emerging markets.

$5,000 – Market Survey (150 responses, up to 15 questions processed)

What we do:

  • Prepare your survey instrument
  • Test the survey to ensure that it works as intended (important to eliminate bias and avoid asking two questions in the same survey)
  • Administer the survey in person, telemarket, on-line, or by mail or fax (or a combination)
  • Alert you to interesting feedback in real-time (in order to adjust the survey if needed)
  • Process and tabulate the results
  • Prepare an in-depth analysis of the findings with recommendations, graphs, and actionable steps to capitalize on the new information
  • Identify new service models or product attribute enhancements based on the survey results
  • Prepare an audio analysis of the findings to augment the PowerPoint presentation
  • Provide up to 5 copies of the report for your leadership team
  • Present the findings to your team in a formal discussion
  • And more!

Some of the results of our surveys have alerted our clientele in the following ways:

  • We sent a survey to every client when a job was complete (with self-addressed envelope).  The customers rated the cleanliness and safety of the work crew, usefulness of the website, their assessment of the finished job, and any improvements that would have made their experience better.
  • We sent a survey to every customer who received a quote from a contractor business. We wanted to know if the sales representative was on-time, friendly, knowledgeable, if they got their quote in a timely fashion, if the office personnel was responsive, and what  feedback would help them do a better job in the sales process.
  • A mechanic client found that 69% of his new clientele were drive-ups.  Meaning that he had an excellent opportunity to convert a large majority of those customers into long-term customers.  From the same survey, we found that 25% of his clientele had been with his company over three years.
  • We have used surveys to help establish price points.  Want to know what to charge your client? Ask them. 
  • Thinking about offering a new service or extended warranty?  We have used surveys to help develop new service offerings.  Customers will tell you what they want if you ask them. An extended warranty program generated $50K of extra revenue for the client, the first year!
  • Learn more about the pyschographics  of your customers.  Learn why and how they buy. 
  • Raving Fans!  One client would settle for nothing less than being rated by his customers as a “Raving Fan”.  When a customer did not respond accordingly, he would call them personally to find out why and then make it right!
  • Prepared a survey for the Greater Houston Builders Association that had over 800 respondants by screen touch.  A survey that offered critical insights for new home buyers and the builder and service provider community.

** Marketing Dynamics can admister more surveys, locally or nationally.  Separate fees and charges may apply.
** Available to admister digital surveys at tradeshows and events on touch pad device, complex decision trees enable for instant dynamic feedback

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