“On Air” Media Consulting

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“Thank you Marketing Dynamics for your help on the CBS Radio ‘On-air’ marketing consulting. We were able to get our message out loud and clear on ‘The Price of Business Show’ with Kevin Price.” – John Cappello, Office Depot IT Solutions

Marketing Dynamics has consulted media personalities and business people who have been featured in radio, television, and the printed media.  It is better to be guided, directed, and prepared before engaging the media.  We help you to think about your message, develop your story, and make your “spotlight” moment a success!

Cost $1,000, Includes the following:

Here is how we prepare you to go “on the air” with the media.

Before the show/feature:

  • Set-up “talking/marketing points” to ensure your message is concise and delivered well
  • Rehearse your presentation (time goes by fast when you are “live”)
  • Coach you on what to expect at the studio (i.e., parking, security, checking in, greeting the host, photo-ops, etc.)
  • Liaison between you and the media host/personality/publisher/editor
  • Teach you how to leverage your interview with others in your circle of influence
  • Dealing with the “hard break” to wrap your point quickly
  • Develop other unique opportunities and contacts while in the studio
  • Position for another guest appearance in the future (when applicable)
  • Capture your experience with photography and digital video for “legacy” benefit

At the studio:

  • We can meet you at the studio or ride with you to studio and rehearse your discussion points on the way and get you relaxed and ready!
  • Help you to refine your message and connect with what is currently being talked about in the news or in entertainment (relevance is key to connecting with your audience)
  • Arrange for the photo-ops we discussed in the show prep
  • Help brief the media personality on who you are, what you want to talk about, and things that will help him or her to have a dynamic segment about you and your business (most personalities are super-busy and rarely go into too much detail, research, or review your notes, it is best done on the “fly” by a veteran advisor team)
  • Shoot your video and archiving your message for re-use in social media, your website, and share with your client’s and team
  • Helping you to share your contact information succinctly with the listening audience
  • And more!

After the show:

  • Debrief you after the show
  • Show you the photos and the video
  • Load your video on our YouTube channel and push it to the radio personality so he can talk about it on the air and gain even more exposure, buzz it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more!
  • Enable you to take the video embed code and post the video player on your website “As seen in the media” to further your feature your expertise to your client(s)
  • Prepare for your next feature in the media!


Jessica Hoover and John Cappello, Office Depot IT Services, Founders of NW Houston Chamber of Commerce “Young Professionals” on “Price of Business” Radio Show with Kevin Price (CBS Radio)

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.

Interview with movie actor Billy Blair, II

Bill Nash of Nash3.com on “Business Networking and You” With R.D. Yoder, President of “Houston Networkin News” (CBS Radio)

SAG Movie Actress Mayra Leal 

Dr. Wilton Simmons, Surgeon with Kirby Lammers on “American Lifestyles Show” (CBS Radio)

SounCloud.com Interviews: EBC Broadcast

** Does not include the cost of being a guest feature on the show.  If you would like for us to help you get on the radio or TV, we would be happy to recommend you.  Additional costs may apply.
** Add $500 per office visit (if required)


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