Actors Package

So, you are a movie actor?

Let us help you take your investment in training, work history on-camera, and notoriety to the next level with our strategic marketing and development approach – all designed to help enhance your market position.

$2,000 (additional expenses may apply) – Basic Package
Call 713.560.3348, now!

What we do: 

  • Initial one-hour conference call to make an assessment review of your interests and work history
  • Develop a website template similar as above examples on or (5 to 10 page – limited customization)
  • Purchase your unique domain and set-up your e-mail (separate charge for the cost of the domain and e-mail package).
  • Market research – we review your current information on-line (i.e., resume, video slates, current web resources, marketing materials, industry contacts, etc.).
  • Assist with content development (you provide photos, clippings, links, and video in appropriate format for YouTube or other video streaming service, stories, etc.)
  • We develop your marketing collateral (i.e., letterhead, postcard with envelope, business cards, slate sheet, biography one-sheet, and brochure brief.).
  • Database tracking spreadsheet to help you track your contacts in the entertainment industry.
  • We write your cover letter to casting agents.
  • A podcast interview with you about your interests, characters, work history, and unique attributes as an actor that you can use for industry review.
  • Press release to announce your new website.
  • Set-up your newsletter to allow you to reach your fans.
  • Set-up and integrated your Facebook Fan Page (if you don’t have one)
  • Social media consulting (limited).
  • We help promote your new website on our existing social media and contacts in the industry.
  • Advise on resources you may or may not be using to help become aware of auditions.
  • Limited advice by phone and e-mail reviews for a limited time.  Many of our actors want our opinion on their slates, headshots, resumes, productions in the area, people they meet in the business, etc.
  • In some cases we may be able to help you get attached to films or other business opportunities via our industry connections (not guaranteed)
  • Other services available for a fee and by quote.

** We have compiled a list of top casting agents locally in Texas and in Hollywood and are able to mail your headshots with a cover letter directly to the casting directors (all directors pre-screened to determine if they take unsolicited submissions) – separate charge based on the total number of mailings.
** We can also set-up a monthly maintenaince agreement to manage your platform (i.e., IMDB account, resume updates on-line, casting alerts, etc., customized to your schedule of activities).

Please see: (Mayra supported in “Machete”, “Playing House”, “Sanitarium”, and others.  Currently below 7,000 on IMDB Starmeter) – over 52,000 hits since January 2011. (Stars in “In Search of the American Dream“, under 280,000 on IDMB Starmeter) (many TV commercials, global music video, and feature film “In Search of the American Dream”)

Joanna Sanchez Entertainment (Acting Coach/Producer/Actress in Hollywood – under 76,000 on IMDB Starmeter)

** Actual IMDB Starmeter numbers will vary from time to time.

Kayla in “In Search of the American Dream”

Kenna in “Haley’s Angel”

Recommended book for actors:

How to Eat and Act at the Same Time” by Tom Logan, Director

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