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Machine Gun Preacher

Everyone loves great advice.  It could mean the difference of life or death and a best life possible.  Similarly, marketing advice is valuable to the ones who seek it and implement it well.  Just like legal, accounting, engineering, or financial advice, marketing one’s company well, should be guided, directed, led, and created by a strategic marketing leader and team.

In tough or good times, strategic marketing can add significantly to your bottom-line. It is a force multiplier.

Marketing Dynamics has been advising its business friends, associates, and clientele for many years.


We have helped write and produce radio and TV commercials, produced radio and television programming, launched start-ups, written and released press releases nationally and locally, gotten our clients featured in newspapers and on TV or placed in a feature film, designed and placed billboards, created marketing oriented brochures and selling programs, orchestrated events, set pricing and distribution strategy, conducted market research, written marketing and business plans, raised money, performed direct mail, directed photoshoots, overseen marketing focused websites, influenced logo designs, social media, sales, and more.

Tactics are easy, but to be effective you need strategy. Strategy is the hard part.

We are always seeking clients who want to grow their business beyond $1,000,000 in revenue or reach $5,000,000.  Just like sourcing an accountant, a lawyer, or doctor, due diligence is recommended.  We advise reviewing our capabilities in these simple steps.

  1. Initial Introductory Zoom call (30 minutes) – FREE! (text 713.560.3348 to book now)
  2. Do the research on what we do and have done for our clients.
  3. Call to book an in-person meeting with a strategic marketer or a team of marketers to begin your journey, 713.560.3348
  4. Cost:  $500 for the first hour, $250 per additional hour at your business location (locally).  $100 per hour for additional team members
  5. After our conference, we supply a marketing proposal based on our discussion, tours, and introductions with your team members.  We will offer tangible ideas and resources to aid your decisions (included).

Marketing Dynamics - 6 Ps

Advice By Phone

We love giving advice and getting paid for it.  Who doesn’t?  Seriously.  We are available to chat with you about your marketing ideas when it doesn’t require an in-person meeting.  This saves you time and money and it helps us to stay in communication with you about the status of your needs.  Our basic service runs about $150 per phone call (by the hour, billed by the call).  If we need to map out a plan for you in writing, we will generally bill at $100 per hour within the budget estimated.  Additional, fees to implement are billed separately and outlined in our proposal.

By Project

Many of our clients just need something specific to be accomplished from a radio or TV campaign, public relations opportunity, market survey, sales training, or print collateral development.  We can do that.  We would be happy to discuss your project and determine how we can best help you to accomplish your goal and exceed your expectations.


Marketing Dynamics is available on a retainer basis. This option makes it easier for the client to call our team in on an as needed basis.  Monthly consulting fees can run from $500 a month to $10,000 or more a month.  Expenses are separate from this arrangement.


Have laptops will travel.  Our team members are available to travel within the United States to advise clients on their marketing challenges, initiatives, or on-going campaigns.  Our terms are based on the urgency, existing schedule, flight patterns, and additional requirements.  Generally, $5,000 per day to have Andy Valadez, President and CEO, travel.  Travel, hotel, meals, vehicle, and other incidental expenses not included.  Additional, team members add $2,000 per member, plus expenses.

Commission Based

We do entertain commissioned-based opportunities.  Those opportunities are separate from the marketing function and fall under the sales umbrella.  That means, the client must supply leads, sales pitches, and selling tools.  We will recruit or assign a team member to book sales appointments and close deals.  Set-up fees may apply.  We will initially discuss your opportunity by phone.  If we decide to take on your business, we will submit a sales contract or proposal for your review.

Joint Venture

We are open to joint venturing with select clientele.  This process requires an NDA, Non-compete, and non-disclosure.  Terms of ownership are based on development activity required of Marketing Dynamics and the amount of resources that will need to be invested to help launch or assist the venture.  Marketing Dynamics will seek some assurance that the value of time and resources applied are paid back in either barter scenarios or out of the proceeds generated in the start-up or revenue stream creation. We will invest in a 30 minute call to discuss the opportunity.  Other initial fees may apply to ramp up our involvement in your venture.

Feature Film and Documentary Production

We created a new title in the movie industry called “Marketing Producer”.  Today’s business climate requires marketers to also be producers.  In the film business, a Producer is not necessarily a marketer.  Thus, the term “Marketing Producer”. 

As Marketing Producers, we help our filmmakers from concept to distribution.  We have raised capital, made the phone calls most are afraid to make to get the interest of a potential funding source, director, writer, actor, or distributor.  We also advise on music and product placement, soundtrack development, promotion strategy, and more.  Filmmaking is a tough business, but marketing makes it a whole lot easier.  As Producers on your project, we will propose how we participate when helping your film.  We are primarily seeking films for national distribution – mainly Americana, historic, redemptive, family oriented, inspirational, international appeal, and challenging themes – mainly movies that people want to go see.  Under NDA, we would be happy to share with you our experience in film. 

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