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We are in the movie business!  Why?   It is a powerful marketing medium to offer our clients.  As we all know, for generations Coca-Cola (arguably the #1 brand in the world next to Google) has utilized entertainment to successfully promote its brands.

Marketing Dynamics has discovered the value of the magic of cinema to brands, companies, the culture, and the world for that matter.  Our firm continues to look for films with redemptive qualities or films that good brands would want to be associated with because of the story, the theme, or benefits to society at large.

We help our filmmakers and businesses in theatrical releases in the following ways:

  • Review of the screenplay
  • Assist with initial website to help market the film to key producers
  • Development of selling tools to help promote the early stages of the film
  • On- the-set client relations opportunities
  • Celebrity Photo-Ops
  • Make phone calls to existing contacts in the industry to garner their interest and support
  • Help to secure music for the soundtrack through our connections and contacts
  • Use of cinematic photography for promotional benefits
  • Support film festivals (i.e., panelists, sponsorship, ticket sales, promotion strategy, etc.)
  • Help with movie trailer concepts
  • Media opportunities
  • Talent agency relations
  • Capital generation (raise money)
  • Premieres and events to help raise capital and project awareness
  • Attend key meetings to elevate opportunities for the film
  • Product placement support
  • Affinity groups to help market the project
  • Concept development (have a great film idea, we can help accelerate it)
  • Help our actors, writers, musicians, casting companies, crew, and directors get attached early to projects
  • Podcasts interviews to help share the story with interested parties
  • Webinars/conference calls (public or private)
  • Working with State Commissions to get your project on the radar
  • Screenings and premieres.
  • and more!

We are looking for films that focus on Americana, are historical, redemptive, family-oriented, inspirational, deal with challenging social themes, wholesome, international appeal, and thought-provoking.  Mainly films, that people want to see.  Our ideal budgets range from $2M to $30M.