U.S. Marine Corps Veteran-Owned/Ag Grad/Tulane Grad

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer through marketing and innovation.”
Peter Drucker

Let us be your Marketing Agency of Record. There are so many benefits, too numerous to list here. WE want to help you survive and thrive.

Our clients know that we care about them personally and their business. Our mission is to be a trusted adviser and confidant to help you and your team succeed.

Dynamic AndyWork smarter, harder, faster!

Save time. The shortest way to a point is a straight line.  You basically need to know if a Marketing Strategist can lead and help you reach your business vision!

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According to the Small Business Administration (2021) there are 32.5 million small businesses doing under $1M in revenue with less than 5% doing $1M or more, or 1.6 million who are doing well. Strategic Marketing could be your secret weapon.

Speed to Market Without the Speeding Tickets

Turbo Charged Start-up Process
1. Zoom Call (Book now, here: https://calendly.com/marketing-dynamics)
2. We Outline a Plan
3. Execute the Plan Together!

NO Speeding Tickets Agreement
1. We help keep you out of court.
2. We provide degreed marketing oversight
3. Month-to-month agreement
4. Open lines of communication avoids confusion and misunderstanding
5. Access to our network of marketing resources

Our clients want to retire their spouse, pay for kids’ college, pay-off debt, build-up cash, have fun, and/or exit into a lifestyle of choices and help others.

We have the expertise, range, depth and breadth, a mighty network, and history to lead your company to over $1M and/or take your corporate level idea/assignment to multi-millions (check out The Home Depot Case Study).

“Your contractor (client) got our account because of you.”
Cindy Transou, Regional Install Manager for The Home Depot® – 91 stores later

Text or call 713.560.3348 (the best time to reach Andy is after 1pm CST). On mission!

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Our “One Thing”? Marketing.

You are the hero in your brand story!  Set yourself apart with market success.

The first step is identifying your Unique Selling Proposition (which may need improvement and/or review) and your “one word” that identifies your brand.

There are 6 key areas to develop and coordinate:  people (the sales function at every level), product (branding and packaging), pricing strategy, place (distribution strategy), promotion (advertising, public relations, and social media), and positioning (position or be positioned).

Interesting Marketing Case Study: Did you know that ice leveraged Nescafe in Japan, when they needed innovation?  Sergio Zyman, Marketing Strategist was tasked with the problem when he worked for the PR and Marketing agency, because sales dropped in the summer for hot coffee in Japan.  He found that the Japanese then, did not drink Nescafe coffee in the summer. So, he advised introducing iced-coffee.  For the price of ice, he innovated sales.  Nothing else changed, but the message!
Source:  “The End of Marketing As We Know It” by Sergio Zyman

Your marketing should make sense. So, the next time you try an iced-coffee, now you know why it became so popular.


“I started my practice in 1999 after serving in the United States Marine Corps and Corporate America. I nurtured the dream of becoming a Marketing leader in 1971 at 6 years old when I talked my younger sister into playing “Whataburger” by cutting a drive-thru window in her new playhouse my dad built for her, with the new saw and hammer he gave me for Christmas.


My dad was not happy, but my sister and I had the time of our life.  Fast-forward to 1981, I met my wife when I worked at my first job part-time at Whataburger, I was 15!  The legend has it that “When love came walking in, I was taking her order and have been taking her orders ever since!”


Marine and His Lady

In 1999, I was downsized from a major corporation and started Marketing Dynamics and have told that story on-the-air on many radio and TV shows that I have had the opportunity to be interviewed for.  I love helping people to succeed in business and in life.” – Andy Valadez, Marketing Strategist of Marketing Dynamics


How would your life change if you could grow your business to beyond $1M in gross revenue?

You need marketing, just like you may need a lawyer, a doctor, engineer, architect and/or an accountant. There are proven principles in Marketing that can leverage your success.

We are currently looking for businesses growing beyond $300K to $1M or $5M within the next 2 to 3 years or corporate executives who need to leverage their multi-million dollar initiative. Most of our clients retain us after a few chats, maybe an in-person meeting, and after reviewing our case studies, testimonials, active social feeds, and believing we can help them in the short and long-term. Because of our range and depth in Marketing, we are the idea resource for Marketing Innovation and Implementation.  Work smarter, harder, faster, and have fun!

Make Money Soundtrack (click link), like “Whistle while your work!” only better.

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Available to schedule a FREE 30-minute Zoom call to discuss your urgent mission.

“Speed to market without the speeding tickets.”

Front-line Marketing, ideas, research, best-practices, proven, and battle-tested.

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** there are over 160 social media for business. No one is an expert at them all. We can help you to select the best of the best in social media and lead your conversation on-line. Most social media providers are not Marketers – there is a difference.
** there are nearly 2 billion websites and 30 to 50 billion web pages on the internet.  We help you focus your marketing efforts. The most important social media and website is yours!

Let us set-up your most crucial social media accounts and then help you find the experts to leverage your conversations and reach.

Please take a look at our case studies and service offerings designed to boost your company and brand to greater awareness and traction through dynamic and professional strategies.

We are leading the conversation of Veteran-Owned Business/Entrepreneurship which started with us and is now going atomic!  We are also aligning patriot companies and Veteran Service Organizations.

Veterans Initiatives

Our YouTube Channel for the latest business coverage: Marketing Dynamics

We help drive down the costs of marketing to deliver extreme value to your brand presence.

Marketing Dynamics - 6 Ps

Dynamic Andy

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SAG Movie Actress Mayra Leal

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Futurist and Technology Commentator Wally Wood


RFforum 072014

Veterans Business Force a Division of Network In Action Business Force

Veterans Business Force with Gold Ring Transparent Logo

A Million Veteran Millionaires

MVM Transparent 2

Houston Regional Veterans Chamber


Marine Corps League, McLemore Detachment 324


22nd District Department of Texas American Legion


The Big Pitcher

The Big Pitcher Logo Transparent

American Legion Jonathan D. Rozier Post 164 – Katy, Texas Promo Video

Representing Stephen Willeford “The Barefoot Defender” of Sutherland Springs


Rick Figueroa 2019-2022 NRA Board Member (Elected)

push 7

RightSide of the Mic: With The Amazing Doc Greene (national radio show -Real News)


The Amazing Doc Greene.png

Author Joseph Ganci, “Gideon: The Sound and The Glory” and “David:  God’s Chosen Crucible”

Joseph Ganci

Author and Pastor Ann Loutfi – “Across a Field of Angels” 

Cliff’s Car-Tech

Car-Tech JPG Logo

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Mary Ann Markarian – “Miracles”


Wheelchairs for Warriors (www.WheelchairsForWarriors.com)

Wheelchairs for Warriors Logo


Scott Mendes, World Champion Bull Rider

Scott Mendes

Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

TALI logo 1

LtCol Dave Grossman (click on image for the complete story):

Assassination Generation 2

JL Carpenter, Criminal Defense Attorney

Rejoice Limousine Service (RejoiceLimo.com):

Rejoice Limo Flyer for Agave Rio

American Legion – Butch Sparks, National Committeeman  

50 percent logo

Butch Sparks

“Wounded Tiger” by T. Martin Bennett (to be made into a $100M motion picture)

Book Cover

Joanna Sanchez Entertainment (Hollywood) – Producer and Acting Coach

Joanna Sanchez


Margie Small, Knobby Brown Integrity Productions (Native American Motion Pictures and Events)



Stunt Rider Cody Jones, Margie Small and Elaine Weed

Warrior Alive – America’s Rock Band 


National Association for Legal Gun Defense (www.SelfDefenseFund.com) 

SDF logo drawn_lg_3

Chip Matthews – Model, Vocalist and Minister

Chip Breaker Anointing Artwork

Wally Wood Ministries “The Revelation File News Service” 

RFNicon_NameStripProduction for Client Appreciation Event 

Michele Harmon

Video produced and directed earlier in the year at Tomball Nights

David “Nino” Rodgriguez  – www.NinoStrong.com (general marketing and representation)

Speaking Flyer Nino Strong Schools - David Rodriguez

Nino Strong Download (.pdf):  Speaking Flyer Nino Strong

Client Feature:  AudioVideo Guru (logo design)


Texas Global Business Network


The Amazing Doc Greene Radio Show (marketing and logo design)


Defenders Martial Arts Academy (super dojo 15,000 sqft) 


Manfred Sternberg and AssociatesManfred Radio LawFBCover

Machine Gun Preacher

Movie Poster


Machine Gun Preacher – Sam Childers 

Volunteerism, we helped kick it all off in Houston!

Team Trump

Alex Krasky – Oil on Canvass Trump


(left to right: Andy Valadez/Bruce Badeau)

Billy Dorsey – Your Word Project 

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To Andy Valadez:  Thank you for your very important work for the Trump Texas Campaign. Your early leadership provided motivation for others.” – Douglas Cannon, Reagan White House Staff

Your contractor (client) got our account because of you.”
Cindy Transou, Regional Install Manager for The Home Depot® – 91 stores later

Andy, you are a worker! You have done more for us than anybody, ever.”
Denis Manning, President of Bub Racing
World Record Holder for the Fastest Motorcycle in the World
“The Bub Streamliner 7” – 367.382 MPH 9/09 – Bonneville Salt Flats

You offered us a breakthrough!
Leesa Bellesi, Co-author of The Kingdom Assignment, creator of the American Idol Ministry and WELL DONE AWARDS (www.KingomAssignment.com)

Andy is my homey.” (said on the air KPRC 950 AM Houston Market)
Michael Garfield, The High-Tech Texan®

Creative genius, connections, knows Marketing, and his efforts speak results!”
Kathie Turner former reporter for Channel 2, 11 and 39 and Condo Living.

I don’t think this guy will need any luck.”
John Beddow, Publisher of Houston Business Journal, on-air interview with The BusinessMakers

I am amazed at your network.”
Russ Capper, President of Prudential Properties former CEO of eRealty.com and The BusinessMakers Show Host

A great marketer, keep doing what you do.”
Randy Lemmon, radio host for The GardenLine KPRC 950 AM

We value his input on any marketing activities here at the GHBA.
Toy Wood, Executive Vice President and CEO of the Greater Houston Builders Association

Andy Rocks!”
Slade, former lead guitarist for Steady Grind (rock band) – reviewed by McGhee Entertainment who represents KISS, Ted Nugent and Hootie and the Blowfish thanks to Marketing Dynamics

You are a hero to the community.
Kevin Price, Show-host of the “Price of Business” radio show