The BusinessMakers Radio Show

Marketing Dynamics has always been a fan of entrepreneurship, broadcast media, and technology.  As part of its volunteer involvement with the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), founder of Marketing Dynamics, Andy Valadez, had the opportunity to meet Mr. Russ Capper, Serial Entreprenuer, who at the time had founded a real estate tech company that was featured in the Houston Business Journal.  “I invited Russ to come speak at the 2004 GHBA home show and he graciously accepted,” says Andy.

Andy and Russ kept in touch over the years and over lunch, Russ, had mentioned the idea “one day” starting a radio show to champion entrepreneurship.  That off-hand comment got Andy’s mind spinning and the rest is history.

The hit radio show and award-winning production has now aired for over 8 years, with over 1,200 interview’s with America’s successful and top CEO’s.

Andy and Russ on-the-air

What we did:

  • Helped infuence the name of the show
  • Identified ways to package the show for sponsors
  • Provided market feedback from Fortune 100 companies interested in the show
  • Secured S. Truett Cathy, Founder of Chick-fil-A for an interview on the show and Colleen Barrett, CEO of Southwest Airlines
  • Secured PopLabs as the official social media and web-marketing company for the show that spawned the podcast and other features for the show on-line
  • Reviewed advertising for the show that appeared in the Houston Business Journal to recommend changes as needed
  • Prepared PowerPoint tools to help market the show to potential sponsors
  • Listened to the show to provide feedback helpful to the show format
  • Assisted some of the sponsors to help them with their marketing messages to the listening audience
  • Attended business meetings and public events

I am amazed at your network!” -Russ Capper

I have a feeling he isn’t going to need any luck!” – John Beddow, Publisher of the “Houston Business Journal” (on-the-air)