Telematics Industry

GPS Telematics is a multi-billion dollar business sector. The integrated and connected vehicle of the future is on the horizon. One of the market leaders is SecureConnex Powered by Cimble Corporation. We have enjoyed advising this client, who has been targeting the alarm and stereo installation market with their innovative product. In addition, the new and used auto sales dealer with their invention that allows the end-user to take advantage of this smartphone enabled device to keep alerted to emergency situations, vehicle diagnostics, theft recovery, and personal safety.

These videos were created for on-line marketing and presented at recent SEMA trade show in Las Vegas (October 2012) and on-line via 4,000 direct e-mails to the client’s existing database of key contacts (thank you MailChimp). The professional videos were produced in partnership by Marketing Dynamics and Vic Digital Production (Director Victor DiGiovanni).

What Marketing Dynamics did:

  • Market Research on the product
  • Press releases to media and garnered industry coverage in select magazines: 12 Volt News, MotorTrends Magazine, Mobile Electronics and others.
  • Website revamp for Cimble Corporation
  • Newsletter format for e-mail communications to over 4,000 client contacts
  • Scripts and story ideas for the videos
  • Conference calls and e-mails review with client and videographer
  • Selection of videographer with experience in the automotive market
  • Set-up basic social media to align with TelematicsUpdate trade show
  • New naming: LifeTrack and LocateMe.
  • And more!

End-user Commercial

Dealer Installation Video (fast install)

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