Video Production

Let Marketing Dynamics produce your next video! Marketing Dynamics has worked with videographers, cinematographers, film directors, media personalities, and created works for its clients to help them communicate their service offerings for the web, television or in theaters.

There are many skilled video professionals who have created masterful productions.  However, when it comes to marketing, it is important to have your marketing strategy woven into the discussion and incorporate your overall positioning strategy for your videos.

When shooting commercials, announcements, events, demos, tutorials, education briefs, or film productions, marketing should be involved.

Have you often viewed TV commercials and wondered “What were they thinking?”  “They” probably weren’t thinking about their marketing and positioning strategy very well.  Your video communications should be a conversation with your target market to make them aware of the need for your product and there are various strategies to employ whether it be a :15-second or 1 hour showcase.

We would be happy to schedule an introductory phone call to help you discover the value of marketing in the equation of video production.  Call now:  713.560.3348.  On mission.

On-line video for SecureConnex to recruit their national installation network supported by 4,000 e-mails.  This strategic video enabled the client to begin gaining visibility direct to its installer database.

What we do:

  • Review your needs from a Marketing perspective.
  • Script and storyboard your feature as required – marketing and messaging strategy
  • Schedule and source the right video talent for your production based on your budget
  • Secure voice or on-camera talent, spokespeople, locations, crew, etc.
  • Review “call to action”, positioning strategy, message, promotion, contact information, titles, etc.
  • Review edits with director
  • Leverage opportunities to market the production on-line, in the news, in social media, e-mail campaign, etc.
  • Use of music whether “canned”, custom, or popluar
  • Use of photography for legacy marketing
  • Media placement on TV or the web
  • Video production at business events (we have several case studies to share)
  • Review submissions for contests and awards to garner further visibility for your company
  • Develop future plans to utilize video
  • Sales training – equiping your sales team to utilize your investment in the production
  • And more!

Radio Interview (audio) turned into a promotion video on YouTube for Hollywood Acting Coach/Producer Joanna Sanchez

Client testimonial video for the web.

Sona MedSpa Commercial Featuring Kathie Turner (ran on cable in Houston)

Commercial Featred on WWL TV in New Orleans After Katrina

TV Commercial Featured in Bryan/College Station KBTX

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