Marketing Advice by Phone

Who has time for meetings?  Some are a huge waste of time!  Need a strategy or idea to help shake things up?  Call us now.

Sometimes all you need is a sounding board.  Someone who can help you to develop your vision clearer from a strategic marketing perspective.  We’ll schedule a call or take your call to help you uncover your next big move.

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.  Tactics second.

Cost:  $150 billed by the hour

Don’t waste any more time.  We also offer in-office visits, see “Consuting Options” at the top bar.

On the call we can help you:

  • Clarify your opportunities
  • Make you aware of issues that might affect your plans
  • Help you determine your budget for an undertaking
  • Discover public relations opportunities
  • Help you to discover key opinion leaders to further your strategy
  • Develop a positioning strategy or statement
  • Identify key resources to further your objectives
  • Uncover sales training opportunities
  • Create an effective promotion strategy
  • And more!

Call now:  713.560.3348 (If mailbox is full, please try texting).

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