SkypeCast or Zoom

Marketing Dynamics has helped many business owners, talented artists, and others to economically gain market exposure and influence. From our produced interviews, podcasts, videocasts, press releases, or phone calls made on your behalf; we have been able to garner opinion leadership and change the destinies and market opportunities of our clients. Skype or Zoom allows for the “death of distance” and we are able to provide dynamic visual and dialogue regarding your unique focus.

We’ve developed this low-cost, high-impact media opportunity to help you share your story with on-line viewers. Let this produced interview share your story with others.

Cost $500. Call now 713.560.3348

International Film Actress Irene Bedard

An interview with Seidel Standing Elk

Travis Middleton of Trademark Insurance Agency


  • Third-party review and showcase,
  • Unscripted, flowing dialogue,
  • Strategic communication piece that conveys elements of your market trajectory,
  • An on-line resource for others to review “virally”,
  • Positions you as the expert,
  • Archived content to be used in the future,
  • Affordable marketing and promotion plan,
  • and more!

What we do:

  • Research and review your company or service offering,
  • Prepare and rehearse the interview with you prior to recording,
  • Video record your interview and edit for on-line viewing,
  • Load to YouTube and other video distribution services for traffic generation,
  • Provide you a copy of the digital file for your own use,
  • Blog feature on Marketing Dynamics website and its social media,
  • Push to up to 10 media contacts to help interest the media in your story,
  • and more!

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