Machine Gun Preacher


Marketing Dynamics was recently sourced and blessed to provide marketing support, event effectiveness planning and media notification for 16 events starting in Houston and moving into San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex featuring Sam Childers aka “Machine Gun Preacher”.


We pulled many elements together to make this launch a success and bless over 3,500 people who attended this outreach and message of persistence and courage by Sam Childers who says “Many pastors want to tell you how much you need God. I am here to tell you that God need’s you.” His amazing work in the Southern Sudan, Africa has been featured in a Hollywood movie starring Gerrard Butler based of his book “Another Man’s War”.

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What we did (2016 & 2017):

  • Attended general brainstorm meeting with Pastor Boyd Harrell of C.O.O.L. Prison Ministries and Tad Donley of rock band Warrior to discuss ministry opportunities, when Boyd mentioned that Machine Gun Preacher was coming to Houston
  • Read “Another Man’s War” and “Living on the Edge”, reviewed over 15 YouTube videos on Sam Childer’s Ministries, and visited the website for Market Research.
  • Helped socialize the event to secure a venue with prominent churches in Houston
  • Attended several conference calls with David Manley, leader for events with Machine Gun Preacher to discuss maximizing the event experience.
  • Produced several promo videos, one for Houston and the other for San Antonio
  • Wrote and released press releases in all major markets in Texas.
  • Produced EventBrite event RSVP system with content, video and access to press release and Facebook pages.
  • Developed Facebook page features for event locations and socialized within our networks and beyond.
  • Helped secure two key interviews one on TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network) and The Doc Greene Show on
  • Recommended video production of the outdoor Houston event at C.O.O.L. Prison Ministries.
  • Attended the event to assist where needed.
  • Limited photography to share on social media and our influence networks.
  • Secured Tad Donley of Warrior to perform “I Just Gotta Believe” and other performers.
  • Provided an after event update on the project and interest in future events with Machine Gun Preacher who is shooting a reality-based TV show on A&E to be aired in September of 2016 and announced plans for “Machine Gun Preacher 2” movie currently in pre-production.
  • Instilled a donation model to notify attendees that a donation would be taken at this FREE event to help maximize revenue generation opportunities.
  • Securing rights to all music.
  • Wrote and edited all copy.
  • Positioning strategy as an outreach to first and second responders and martial artists.
  • Launched in anticipation of future events!
  • And more!

Houston Promotion Video

San Antonio Video Promo

Pastor Boyd Harrell of C.O.O.L. Prison Ministries Performs “Addicted to You”

Tad Donley of Warrior sings “I Just Gotta Believe”

2017 Press Release (11 events): MGP Tours

Houston Press Release

Alamo City Press Release