Source:  BUB Racing, “7” Streamliner (one of our clients and friends) – 2-time motorcycle landspeed world record holder

“It takes a winning team!”

We offer a variety of strategic marketing and tactical services.  Our company is a true strategic marketing firm, focused on the tried and true principles of marketing that will never change and dovetail with the the needs of the modern market.  For example, “truth in advertising” is an age-old principle that will never fade.  No one wants to be lied to or “marketed” to.

Our team of marketers and tactical service providers love to position our client companies well and offer actionable advice that could translate into tens of thousands or even millions of dollars to an organization.  The bullet points below go by fast.  Take time to study the possibilities of each one and how that might change the destiny of your company.  We’d be happy to explain each one and how they help your brand(s).  

Here is a quick list of how we may be able to help you:

  • Market Research
  • Market Surveys
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Video Production from a marketing perspective
  • Public Relations
  • “On Air” Media Consulting
  • Marketing Sound Bytes
  • Press release writing and distribution service
  • Search and On-line Marketing
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advertising and Media Development Placement
  • Sales Representation
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Website Development (from a marketing perspective)
  • Client Retention
  • Writing Copy/Messaging Strategy
  • Scripts for screenplay or documentaries
  • Logo Creation (from a marketing directed approach)
  • Tag line Creation
  • Use of Spokespeople and Celebrities (product endorsements)
  • Product Placement in Film
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Sales Tools (i.e., audio, video, PowerPoint, music, etc.)
  • Tech Development for Marketing (i.e., alerts, apps, etc.)
  • Film Production (i.e., documentaries, feature films, webisodes, or documercials, etc.)
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Strategic Alliance Development
  • Fund Raising
  • And More!