Honoring WWII POW Starr Weed

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(Joshua Scheer photos – County10.com)

Marketing Dynamics was instrumental in assisting start-up production company Knobby Brown Integrity Productions to honor Elder Eastern Shoshone Tribal Elder and Former WWII POW Morning Starr Moses Weed, Sr. (99), with a flag bestowal ceremony by Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and the Shoshone Nation in Fort Washakie, WY, 10.17.12.  This was the final production day of a PBS documentary being produced by Knobby Brown on the life and service of Mr. Weed and the culmination of a two-year journey to complete the story.  This honor was captured on film for the feature and was shared in the news locally and nationally.

Knobby Brown CEO Margie Small and Daphne Boyd recently won top honors at the 14th Annual Gulf Coast Film Festival for their documentary “The World of Fight Doctor“.

Impacting Nations:

Governor Matt Mead, Legendary Trial Lawyer Kent Spence, among others who participated.  Margie Small, CEO, of Knobby Brown Integrity Productions wrapped the documentary “Starr Weed” with the honoring of WWII POW and Eldest Eastern Shoshone Elder Morning Starr Moses Weed, Sr.  A truly historic day for the Shoshone and hopefully the U.S.

Veterans/Color Guard Richard Pogue Post 81: Gilbert Jarvis, Wade LeBeau, Wyman Weed, Baptiste Weed, Finn Snyder, John Myers, Joe Henan, Dexter Aoah Sr., Andy “Frisco” Vasquez Jr., and Harold O’Brien

Elders/Spiritual Speakers: Tim Tyler, Warm Valley-Eastern Shoshone Tribe, Roberta Wesaw-Engavo, Warm Valley – Eastern Shoshone Tribe

http://knobbybrown.wordpress.com/contact-us/starr-weed/ (more details here)

Our contributions:

  • The idea to do a documentary on Starr Weed in 2010
  • Recommended the ceremony to honor the warrior as a wrap to the documentary
  • Initiated the call to involve and interest the governor, famed trial lawyer Kent Spence.
  • Involved the Wyoming Film Commission’s to support and assist
  • The itinerary that the Shoshone used involving color guard, children, presentations and speakers, ordering of the spiritual ceremony, and “Lord’s Prayer” in sign-language by Kaylei Cady-Weed (Starr’s granddaughter).
  • Use of social media
  • Team conference calls and updates
  • Website set-up and link promotions
  • Press release and distribution, etc. (reached out to all local and regional media as well as the majors)
  • Radio interview with Margie Small on KKHT that promoted on EBC Broadcast and social media <radio interview>
  • Moral support as we navigated the last minute details of mobilizing tribal interest and support.
  • Mission complete.

“We wanted to honor Mr. Weed for his service and sacrifice to his country and leadership within the tribal communities and believed a formal flag ceremony would be fitting,” says Margie Small, CEO. “We’ve been working with an incredible team of producers, writers, filmmakers, technologists, and alliances to make this happen,” says Andy Valadez, Chief Marketing Officer for Knobby Brown and CEO of Marketing Dynamics (based in Houston). “We want to thank the Governor’s Office, Shoshone Business Council, Wyoming Veterans Commission, and all of those who have made this possible,” says Mrs. Small.

** over 400 people attended, 4 professional cameras with lighting and sound, news, and the Governor offered support for the film when complete.  He also bestowed Starr with the Governor’s Coin which is rarely provided and reserved for special occasions.

3 Responses to Honoring WWII POW Starr Weed

  1. Cheyenne says:

    Thank You to All who helped and supported the Flag Ceremony in honor of Moses Morning Starr Weed Sr., POW!!

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