How much should I budget for Marketing?

Many advertising and public relations companies have much advice on how much you should or shouldn’t invest in advertising.  We say you shouldn’t allocate a dollar to advertising, public relations, or social media without first thinking through your comprehensive marketing strategy.  We advise our clients to estimate a budget range of at least 6% of gross sales projections dependent on their gross margins, industry, business cycle, and growth plans.  The goal is to get your investment down to 3% of gross revenue forecasts as your business gains lift.  We’d be happy to talk about this in more detail.

What does your company do?

Our sectors of interest are in technology, broadcast, film, music, publishing, racing, start-ups, and charity.  These sectors benefit our client’s goals in a variety of ways.  Our firm is focused 100% on marketing strategy and then we help our clients to adopt solid marketing principles and tactics to achieve their objectives.  We help you to identify these resources to position your brand(s) well in the marketplace of today!

How do you charge for your advice?

Our pricing structure is custom-designed with each business.  The first goal is to determine that our approach matches your need. Establishing credibility, trust, and collaboration is key to how we have successfully helped our clients.  We charge by the hour, by project, on-call, joint venture, by commission, and bonus.  Generally, we are looking to succeed with our client’s success and are looking for clients who understand and appreciate that focus.

Your company is doing so much, how will I know you will be able to focus on us?

Well, that is a great question and in our opinion, it should answer itself.  Because we are doing so much, we think that should be a great signal as to why your company needs to be marketed by us. Our firm is 100% focused on marketing and leveraging our client companies.  We can scale to meet market demands.

Does your company offer sales support?

We thought you would never ask.  Please visit our new sales division start-up company to help our clients with their selling needs, see:  www.SalesMachino.com

Our company has a short fuse and we need to make something happen right away, can your company help us?

Maybe.  Give us a call.