We love music and our musicians.  Marketing Dynamics supports the music community in a variety of ways.  Being great musically is only part of the equation, being marketed well is critical to helping you get noticed and featured.  We are here to help.

We help our musically talented artists (select genres) by:

  • Reviewing their music
  • Promotion strategy
  • Press and media relations
  • Helping them to get placed in film or partnered with key opportunities
  • Scoring for movies (for composers)
  • Reviewing them in concert (market research)
  • Arranging for photo shoots (professional photography)
  • Fashion consulting to augment their look
  • New technology adoption (i.e., social media, web development, store front resources, etc.)
  • Event management and placement
  • Music videos (we have access to A-list music video production leaders)
  • Joint ventures (music is a business and we love our business minded, seasoned veterans)
  • Contacting record labels for serious review
  • New song creation and direction for specific applications
  • Merchandising
  • Pricing strategy
  • Fan-base relations
  • Music in commercials
  • Jingles
  • Studio partnerships
  • Soundtrack inclusion
  • Voice coaching resources
  • Access to advice from influential music supervisors
  • Logos and designs from a marketing perspective
  • And more!

Call us today to discuss how we can partner.  We are not a talent agency.  We are a marketing company applying the principles of marketing to our client’s long-term interests.

2013 Grammy Winning Music Producer and Artist Billy Dorsey

“Enough” Music Video (Marketing Dynamics assisted in producing)

Music artist Alex Ruiz of “The Night Mothers”

Alex Ruiz


Rock Band “Steady Grind” Feauring Lead Guitarist Slade (now the lead guitarist for “Mindset Ultra”

Video created for “Steady GrindHard Rock Cafe in Houston, Texas “Battle of the Bands” promotion.  This looping video played on all plasma screens while the band set-up to be reviewed (part of the presentation strategy).  This band was reviewed by McGhee Entertainment in LA who represents KISS, Ted Nugent, and many other successful musicians. The power of the right phone call can make the difference of being heard or not.

The 50th Anniversary Release of “When Will I Be Loved” sung by Nash 3 (Nashville singer/song writers and friends).

Singing Artist Kayla Valadez Records “Breakeven” at Sugar Hill Studios

We are currently working on a lifestyle documentary called “Jodie Goes to Sturgis“.  See a complete list of bands for the movie:  Featured Bands (special thanks to representing over 5,200 indie bands)

In studio at Faith Recording Studios with Judge. Song “When They Close the Box” provided by Nash 3.

We met Billy Blair, II (pictured left)at the “Machete” by Robert Rodriguez, Trouble Maker Studios movie premier in Austin, Texas.  Billy played one of the bad guys.  He was interested in one our movie projects and forward one of their songs “Saturday” for review on the soundtrack. Being at the right place at the right time makes the difference.