Remnant Radio Network Upcoming Interview with Wally Wood – “The Revelation File News Service”



Remnant Radio hosts Ross Powell and Chris Baucom will be interviewing Wally Wood – journalist, broadcaster, author, minister – discussing current global trends relative to end-time Bible prophecy. Wally has built a career focused on endless research into the “signs of the times” that point to the soon return of Jesus Christ in the lifetime of one single generation. He is convinced that this current generation is the one Jesus prophesied in Mat. 24:33-34 that would, in his words, “See with its eye the splitting of the eastern sky!”

Friday • August 25, 2017 • 4pm-5pmCDT

Wally (jpg)

Wally Wood

Founder of the “original” Christian News Network for Christian radio stations across the nation (1981-87) • Co-founder, the Shuttle News Service • Founder/Bureau Chief, Space & Telecomm News Bureau • Founder/CEO, the National Space & Technology Association (NSTA) • Author, 3 books: Cashless Society: A World Without Money (1974); The Embedded Internet: The Final Evolution (2000); The Mystery: Heaven’s Secret Story (2014) • Host: “The Wood News Group” including five websites and over a dozen social media outlets • First coined the word “Diginomics” in 1998, declared “a new word in the English language” by Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2007) • Current Host: The Revelation File News Forum – quarterly two-hour multimedia stage presentation, Encourager Church, Houston TX (available to other venues upon invitation).

This conversation with Wally Wood will cover a broad range of topics that will carry deep prophetic insight and revelation. You will not want to miss this!

Downloadable flyer here (.pdf): RemnantRadioInterview_Aug2017_promo


The pre-recorded episode will air LIVE on Global Star Network on Channel 3 at 5:00pm EST (4:00pm Central), Friday, August 25.

Other Outlets include:

▪ Spreaker:

YouTube“On the Objective”

Soundcloud“On the Objective”

Meet the Team of Remnant Radio Network

With many years experience in both finance and politics our team of prognosticators will draw on their collective insights to bring you the latest in real world situations and provide solutions to help you thrive in a world that is both dangerous and unpredictable.

Ross PowellRoss C Powell
Founder & CEO

Ross Powell, is the Founder of Survival 401k, LLC. Ross was raised in San Antonio and graduated from the University of Texas and is a veteran Naval Officer.

Ross worked in banking and finance for almost 30 years including some of the largest banks and insurance companies in the country. His intimate knowledge of the inner workings of financial institutions helps him direct clients into our Solo 401k product to take control of their retirement funds and escape the pitfalls many see in modern retirement portfolios.  His knowledge and access to alternative investments outside of Wall Street has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs find predictable results by helping them segment their retirement plans into wealth preservation, growth and liquidity. An avid fan of being prepared for the unexpected, Ross also guides his clients in preparing their lives and portfolios for the changing world to make Wise Decisions in Perilous Times.

Chris Baucom

Chris Baucom
Executive Producer

About Chris Baucom, Digital Content Marketer and Political Commentator

Chris Baucom works as a marketing professional and is a major contributor to conservative political discourse around the United States. Chris was raised in Charlotte, NC and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chris has owned numerous businesses since graduating and gained valuable experience in the online marketing space through challenging trials in the world of business. His passion for  technology and digital media along with a personal calling to promote conservative traditional values has contributed more recently to stronger content and marketing for major political and religious causes. His cutting edge perspective from years of cross training in disciplined professional trades as well as a hunger for knowledge in everything survival, preparedness and sustainability, help drive his continued desire to inform the public about what they can do to protect their families.

You can learn more about Chris at


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