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Marketing Dynamics Strategy Alerts Subscription for busy and stressed business owners who are not comfortable with marketing, but are good at implementing ideas that can help them to leverage.

Alerts will be released weekly or as inspiration dictates from our community and communications (more not less).

Subscription model to text audio messages to those business owners who need a marketing boost, idea, promotion strategy, resources, that can help them to leverage their success mission. $9.99 per month and I will share insights, books, technologies, trends, etc. that could make a major difference in your business future.

First edition for free: How to Budget for Marketing

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About the Author

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The Future of Marketing – AI/IA, Automation, Virtual, Avatars, Bots, Drones, Robots, Voice Command, Crypto, Blockchain, Extended Reality (XR), Infinite Intelligence (Mastermind), and Media.

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Strategic Marketer, Technologist, Media Personality, Columnist/Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Video Producer (motion picture, documentary and web), and Shofar Blower. Strategy first, tactics second.

Marketing Dynamics is a true strategic marketing company with a focus on entrepreneurship with interests in entertainment, technology, broadcast, publishing, politics, non-profits, and start-ups. We are building strong alliances in each one of these sectors and growing opportunities to benefit our clients, business partners, and friends.

Marketing Dynamics is a catalyst company that implements its strategies and tactics for effective outcomes with tangible and intangible results.

Marketing, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We see opportunity through the power of Marketing.

Andy is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (Desert Storm/Shield) and Graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing and Tulane University in Applied Business. Accelerate your business with us, because the market never stays the same.

Former founding Marketing Director Board Member of the American Veterans Museum being planned in Houston.

Andy served as the Public Relations Officer for the 22nd District Department of Texas American Legion (over 12 posts in Houston) and American Legion Post 164 PR Officer in Katy, Texas and currently serves as the PR Officer for the Marine Corps League McLemore Detachment 324 (one of the oldest detachments in the USA). Member of The Military Order of the Devil Dogs (Fun and Honor Society).

Founding member of Veterans Business Force a division of Network In Action based in Houston, Texas.

Member and advisor to President and Founder of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Texas.

Creator of A Million Veteran Millionaires (

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