Why:  Private First Class Lawrence Cox United States Marine will be buried at the National Cemetery on 31 JAN at 1415. PFC Cox remains were found in a storage shed with his DD-214 and a Letter from President Reagan. American Legion Post 490 accepted the challenge to find a next of kin and was unsuccessful. The Department of Defense has given us the permission to give this Marine the proper military honors. PFC Cox Served in the Marines during the Korean War.

What: Found and Abandoned Ash Remains – Private First Class Lawrence Cox United States Marine Corps will be buried at the National Cemetery

Where: Houston National Veterans Cemetery
10410 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77038

When: Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 2:15 PM (arrive by 2pm to get in procession line at cemetery staging area to follow entourage to grave ceremony location onsite).

Who: 22nd District Department of Texas American Legion (12 posts/4,500 members) and American Legion Post 490 (hosting post) other veterans organizations, community and government leaders, honored citizens, veterans, and families.

In the American Legion, we bring war-time veterans under one banner. Our only uniform is the legion cover we wear . It signifies that we are a veteran and there is no reference to rank, because we are all servants to our community and represent a legacy of over 100 years.  Our mission is Americanism, Veterans and Rehabilitation, National Security, and Children & Youth. When you see the American Legion logo on our cover (hat) it conveys dedicated continued service to our nation. www.LegionDist22.com

Media Contact:  Andy Valadez, PR Officer for the 22 District Department of Texas American Legion, Direct: 713.560.3348 or at E-mail: publicrelations@legiondist22.com

Discovered Letter Brief on Marine Private First Class Cox
Discovered Letter by Former President Reagan
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