Dialing for Dollars with Dimes (or pennies)

I was talking to a long-time friend in Dallas, Laurel Barrett (www.laurelbarrett.com). She is amazing. She gave me a great idea that may actually work for you. In regards to sales, she said she takes 10 pennies and puts them in her pocket as a reminder to take a penny out and make a call to a potential client, business partner, or new alliance.

This was profound as many people I talk to need to market their business, but they really want sales. Well, sales falls under the marketing umbrella. We are putting together a sales model that should make sense for many people (more details to come).

Too often we meet people and stack up business cards, because we are “too busy” to call these important contacts. Well, I put some 90% silver dimes in my pocket and started the practice recommended by my friend. I will change these over to pure gold in the near future to make it more fun and to confirm that each call is really valuable. Imagine that shift of focus. Rather than a boring call, who knows what treasure lies in store.

I made my ten amazing calls yesterday and will be making 10 calls today (I’ve already made one as I write this). Chaching!

Over the year this could be in excess of 3,120 calls (6 days a week times 52 weeks). How much business could that make you this year? Have meaningful conversations and see what happens. Now, you don’t have to limit your calls to 10.

I talked to an author I hadn’t talked to in a few years. Now that we have chatted, she will be in my database of future contacts as I alert her to new marketing opportunities or opportunities to feature her book. Always be selling and marketing. Work Smarter, Harder, Faster!

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Strategic Marketer, Technologist, Media Personality, Columnist/Blogger, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Video Producer (motion picture, documentary and web), and Shofar Blower. Strategy first, tactics second.

Marketing Dynamics is a true strategic marketing company with a focus on entrepreneurship with interests in entertainment, technology, broadcast, publishing, politics, non-profits, and start-ups. We are building strong alliances in each one of these sectors and growing opportunities to benefit our clients, business partners, and friends.

Marketing Dynamics is a catalyst company that implements its strategies and tactics for effective outcomes with tangible and intangible results.

Marketing, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We see opportunity through the power of Marketing.

Andy is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (Desert Storm/Shield) and Graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing and Tulane University in Applied Business. Accelerate your business with us, because the market never stays the same.

Former founding Marketing Director Board Member of the American Veterans Museum being planned in Houston.

Andy currently served as the Public Relations Officer for the 22nd District Department of Texas American Legion (over 12 posts in Houston) and American Legion Post 164 PR Officer in Katy, Texas and currently serves as the PR Officer for the Marine Corps League McLemore Detachment 324 (one of the oldest detachments in the USA). Member of The Military Order of the Devil Dogs (Fun and Honor Society).

Founding member of Veterans Business Force a division of Network In Action based in Houston, Texas.

Member and advisor to President and Founder of the Veterans Chamber of Commerce in Houston, Texas.

Creator of A Million Veteran Millionaires (www.aMillionVeteranMillionaires.com).

Member of the Houston Regional Veterans Chamber of Commerce, Katy Area Chamber of Commerce and the Katy Christian Chamber.

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