Four Chaplains Honor and Remembrance Ceremony

2/4/23 Community Event at Central Baptist Church (2pm to 4pm) – Saturday

******* INVITATION (FREE) *******

Who: In association with the Four Memorial Chaplains Foundation, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 164, 22nd District Department of Texas American Legion, American Legion Post 164, Marine Corps League Detachment 324, Corporate Chaplains of America, Network In Action Veterans Business Force, Katy Christian Magazine, Central Baptist Church,, and Marketing Dynamics.

What: Four Chaplains Honor and Remembrance Ceremony

Where: Central Baptist Church
2855 Greenhouse Road
Houston, Texas 77084

Eventbrite: (please share)

Or Watch LIVE Here:

Promo video “No Greater Love”:

When: Saturday, February 4, 2023 (2PM to 4PM)

Why: To organize and promote the history and example demonstrated by the Four Chaplains who modeled great faith, courage, and selflessness during sinking of the  U.S.A.T. Dorchester February 3, 1943 (World War 2).

Of the 902 men aboard the Dorchester, 672 died, leaving 230 survivors. When the news reached American shores, the nation was stunned by the magnitude of the tragedy and heroic conduct of the four chaplains. When there were no more lifejackets in the storage room, the chaplains removed theirs and gave them to four frightened young men. As the ship went down, survivors in nearby rafts could see the four chaplains–arms linked and braced against the slanting deck.

The Army Chaplains were posthumously awarded a one-time Special Medal of Heroism by President Dwight Eisenhower January 18, 1961, due the block by congress concerning the  Medal of Honor which could only be awarded while under fire. They also received other wards for their leadership, sacrifice, and final service

Media Contact: Andy Valadez, PR Officer for the 22 District Department of Texas American Legion, Direct: 713.560.3348 or

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