Busy People, Time and Money Saver – Food Prep

You have heard it before and maybe tried it, but this works!

Now that I am learning to Master myself and apparently my wife (wut?), food prep makes so much sense. Just made 14 meals or 7 days of lunch and dinner for two.

You can do a variety this way and double and rotate stock and freeze and thaw as needed. Easy plan, easy clean, tasty, right calories, less dish washing over the next few weeks, less eating out, healthy, and more.

Some people pay others to do this and have it delivered to provide variety.

The key for DYI is to start and then adjust to what works for you. This portion size is adjusted to our caloric goals, you can review and increase portion sizes for your goals. Basic tenet: good protein, veggie, and slow burning carb.

6 oz. Marinaded skinless check breast (can sub fish filet)
4 oz veggies (variety)
4 oz rice (preferably brown rice)

Less than an hour to do if you organize it right to include cook, prep and clean (do the marinading the day before).

In the rush of life, we tend to think something like this takes a lot of time, but compared to the other way I was doing it is now saving me more time and money too. I am thinking at least $200 to $400 a month. Eating out runs us about $75 for a nice lunch, x 4 times a month and fast food here and there. Makes sense and we don’t feel put out.

This will probably save you to 10 to 15 hours a week. For busy person, what is your time worth? Invest more time on your business, reading, your family, and/or reading a good book. Let me know if this helps you?

Try it. I got the food storage containers or Amazon (25 containers).

On mission,

Andy Valadez

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