Carpe Minutum (Seize the Moment)

Slept in, but stayed up late finishing up a book. Heading into to prayer. Daily routine. Pray (15 min.), read my Bible app (15 min.), read (30 min.), fitness (1 to 2 hours), my One Thing (4 hours), and the phone calls, e-mails, initiatives, volunteer work the rest of the day, and prepare to be with family, and any social events in the evening. Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. There is no such thing as a balanced life, you must counterbalance.

I do more reading in the evening before bed. Finishing up 5 books and then start on my next batch. Some books are thick, others are quick reads. My knowledge base is increasing mightily. Going on 7 months, no alcohol.

Wife and I started meal prepping and on day 2, I am down 4 pounds. Should have done this long ago.

Fixing me and finding those who want fixing too in their health, business, their love situation (family), and happiness (life).

Each day can be and an adventure if you set your mind to see it and do it.

I see God moving in all areas of my life and in my relationship with my wife and girls. It’s no longer Little House on the Prairie, but Little House on the Freeway!

Carpe Minutum (Seize the Moment)

On mission.

Andy Valadez

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