The Big Pitcher: Hydrate Healthy

By Teri Mathis

We have all become health seekers, whether through diet, exercise, supplements, yoga or the numerous other pathways out there. We want energy, a strong immune system and an active longevity.

As a result, the number of health aids has exploded – one can’t open a magazine or go online without seeing ads. There is a lot of noise out there and consumers are understandably overwhelmed at times and a bit confused.

And unfortunately, doctors don’t have the luxury of time to research every single claim, so we’re on our own. As a researcher for over 30 years, I  often find competing advice, even among ‘experts’. Remember at one point, we were told to avoid eggs. Now, eggs are not only OK but are recommended by most nutritionists. There are so many competing ideas for how to be and stay healthy.

But hold on to your water bottles! There is one thing that is beyond argument or doubt and that one thing is oxygen. Of course, the traditional methods for supplemental oxygen 1) require a doctor’s prescription; 2) are potentially dangerous; and 3) can be expensive, such as hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

The Big Pitcher burst onto the holistic scene in 2005, a few short years after its inventors, my husband Lee Mathis and I received a patent. The Big Pitcher quite simply pushes the air we breathe, which is 21% oxygen, into your choice of drinking water and in 20 minutes, voila! Sweet, smooth water that is 95% saturated with oxygen that is delivered to your gasping cells.

A Nobel Prize was awarded in 2019 for finding that not enough oxygen to the cell causes multiple diseases, even cancer. Drinking oxygen-infused water from The Big Pitcher is easy, safe and will support every other healthy choice you make.

The Big Pitcher is the hardest working appliance in the kitchen. It holds 64 ounces and is used many times a day by family members pouring water and refilling the Pitcher. Once oxygen is ‘saturated’ into the water (a basic law of physics), it isn’t fragile. The high levels of oxygen will last for days, especially at room temperature or cooler.

It is an electrical device but uses about the same power as a nightlight –not much. You will fall in love with The Big Pitcher. It’s OK. Everyone does.

For more information please visit:

Teri Mathis © August 2022

Mrs. Mathis can be reached at and by phone at 713-446-5337.

About Teri Mathis

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Author, Researcher, Inventor, Business Owner, Christian Optimist

Teri and husband Lee reside in Wharton, Texas (formerly residents of Rosenberg).

She has had three rewarding careers:
Financial Advisor, PaineWebber/UBS
Founder, BioTex Environmental Corp., an environmental remediation company
Oxygen Orchard, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of The Big Pitcher

In addition, her non-career interests include:
Tournament Mah Jongg player
Theater critic for the Fort Bend Herald
Registered Parliamentarian
Founder, Fort Bend Photography Club
Choir, First United Methodist Church, Rosenberg

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