“Lady and The Champ” Podcast/Vodcast Goes On–the-air with His and Hers Entertainment

logoFloats Like a Butterfly Stings Like Hornet, A New Fragrance in Digital Broadcast

Austin, Texas (November 13, 2017) – Are you tired of all of the mean-spirited politics?  Well, tune-in to the latest edition of “Lady and The Champ” that is currently airing at LadyAndTheChampShow.com.

Journalist and Commentator Faran Fronczak of Chicago, now residing in Texas, and 6-time Heavy-weight Champ David “Nino” Rodriguez (both single), have partnered up to talk about the issues of the day, but with a bit of wit, light-heartedness, zingers and fun.

Floats like a butterfly and stings like a hornet - Lady and The Champ Show

“As a journalist, you’ll continuously see that I am all about the facts and always look at both sides of the argument. I promise to always dig deeper on today’s issues and trending topics to make sure you know them just as much as I do. We want our viewers to formulate their own opinion after hearing the facts as well as our take, and leave you with something you either didn’t know or never thought of each and every show,” said Faran “The Lady” Fronczak.

A new perspective on the times we are living. Get ready for commentary and entertainment you won’t get anywhere else.

Episode 1 was released on-line recently:

“This show isn’t for the faint at heart. I promise to give my honest, blunt and raw perspective on today’s trending topics and force a light to be shined onto them. Sometimes I speak what’s on everybody’s mind and sometimes I’ll get under everybody’s skin. There is one thing I do guarantee… I will pull no punches and I will hit you after the bell,” said David “The Champ” Rodriguez.

Listening and watching these two, we guarantee each episode you’ll flip-flop on who you like more. Faran – with her journalistic background – researches all sides of the argument, and often plays devil’s advocate with David, who 99-percent of the time “sticks to his guns.”


Together, the duo will not only entertain you, but the friendly – and sometimes heated banter – is one you’ll slowly find yourself becoming addicted to because with this duo… just like David’s left hook… you never know what they’ll hit you with next!

Catch David & Faran every week talking politics, sports, entertainment, fitness, and pop culture… from the HIS & HERS perspective.

“We are looking to connect with content distributors in order to align and leverage our research in on-line podcasting,” says Andy Valadez, Marketing Producer for Lady and The Champ, “Video and Podcast syndication is hot and producers and advertisers want to reach the under-served demographic that Faran and David have identified.”

A New Perspective - Lady and The Champ Show

For show archives and upcoming programming, please visit:  www.LadyAndTheChampShow.com


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