Contingent from Texas Global Business Network Embarks on Business Development Tour

Second Trip to United Kingdom and Europe to Open Trans-ocean Alliances

Houston, Texas (June 16, 2017) – Members of Texas Global Business Network (TGBN) are traveling to the United Kingdom and Europe this week and next to work with clients, prospects and Professional Advisors overseas.  Texas Global Business Network is a membership organization focused on developing international business between countries.

“We have an aggressive vision for TGBN and have started the year with several breakthroughs that include a trade memorandum of understanding between Algiers, Algeria (Africa) and a first exploratory trip to Aberdeen branded as the Aberdeen-Houston Gateway,” says Travis Middleton, Business Development Consultant for TGBN.

Touring Business Professionals include Beatty CPA, LLC, represented by Dawn Beatty and Art Beatty, Boyar Miller Attorneys, represented by Gus Bourgeois, and Comerica Bank, represented by Aryan Dokht who will be working with companies interested in opening offices in the United States, Texas and in particularly Houston.

Cities that are slated for visits are London, Aberdeen, Paris, Frankfurt, and other countries being visited besides the United Kingdom are France, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

This trip is a follow-up tour by TradeMark Insurance based in Houston in March.

Interested business may schedule an appointment with the exploration group by phone at 713.932.9273 or e-mail:

If you are interested in doing business in the United States or bringing business to your country, please visit:

About Texas Global Business Network

The Texas Global Business Network (TGBN) is a networking group of seasoned professionals who have experience in three areas: assisting international businesses in establishing offices in the US (particularly Texas), assisting such business in acquiring businesses in the US (thereby establishing an existing customer base), and assisting such businesses in operating in the US once established.

Each TGBN member brings to the table years of experience in working with international businesses, in such areas as legal, international tax, immigration, insurance, employee benefits, banking, real estate, and payroll and human resources.

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