“Breaker Anointing” Song Released to Help Lift Your Spirit

RELEASED ON PRWEB.COM and BriefingWire.com this morning.

Chip Matthews Minister, Actor, Model, Song Writer and Vocalist

Houston, Texas (September 2, 2016) – Houston-based Prayer Intercessor Chip Matthews has hosted many gatherings over his 20 years of ministry. His meetings are focused on dealing with issues in our country and globally from hurricanes and other natural disasters, political corruption, human trafficking, health, persecution of the Christian church throughout the world, financial needs, addictions, and spiritual depression.  One thing for sure, he is all about breakthroughs.

Chip Breaker Anointing Artwork

“People will be blessed by this song because it reminds them of the power of Christ in our lives,” says Chip “Whether you are a Christian or not, this upbeat song will resonate with those who need a victory.”

“Many people  I talk too are feeling ‘heavy’ and a sense of doom; while others are pressing through  despite the challenges everyone seems to be dealing with,” says Chip “I do believe our Nation is under spiritual attack, but this orchestration can be broken through repentance, intercessory warfare, and Godly praise and worship.”

"Breaker Anointing" by Chip Matthews from Andy Valadez on Vimeo.

This was song was produced by music veteran Erich Avinger who is also a talented instrumentalist and composer.

The title says it all – “Breaker Anointing”.

Amazon Prime:  Breaker Anointing
iTunes: Breaker Anointing
Google Play: Breaker Anointing

Chip has been featured in national television shows and print advertisement campaigns – appearing in such shows as Columbo, Star Trek Next Generation, and China Beach.  His resume also includes such clients as Chevrolet, American Image, Nike, Sidi, Gillette, Academy and Ralph Lauren.




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