Veterans for Trump Endorsement

The Endorsement of Donald J. Trump For President 

Veterans for Trump

The American people have expressed their frustration with the Washington “Political Ruling Class” and the Congressional leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties, because they have supported policies that can only be described as an anti-American, and being in the pocket of Washington lobbyists.  They consistently violated most of the principles upon which the Founding Fathers established the Republic, and failed to take legal action in Federal Court to halt Obama’s repeated violations of the US Constitution.

The greatest threat to the Republic today is the continued degrading of the US Armed Forces, and the out of control spending by an irresponsible Congress that is driving the national debt of the Republic to bankruptcy—the Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress are responsible for the dangerous condition of the Republic—they have consistently failed to do their jobs as outlined in the US Constitution for the last 8 years.

The ”Political Ruling Class” and the leaders of the House and Senate have fostered globalist policies, and have sold-out the country’s Free Enterprise System to international financial interests, whose policies are not in the best interest, nor in the well-being of hard working American citizens.

The “Political Ruling Class” with complete disregard for the American taxpayer, have fostered a policy which American Colonists revolted against 240 years ago, “taxation without representation”.  Both parties working together have spent the Republic into near bankruptcy, because of “their greed, irresponsibility, and their disregard for the welfare of American citizens.”

The Republican Congressional leadership that controls both houses of Congress, betrayed their rank and file base, by allowing Obama to hollow out the US Armed Forces, while at the same time they allowed Obama to drive his “Social Experiment On Diversity” into the US Armed Forces that is well on its way to destroying the “Combat Effectiveness” of the US military, and they did absolutely nothing while Obama violated the freedom of religion of Military Chaplins and the members of the US Armed Forces.

The Republican leaders in Congress have collaborated with Obama for nearly 8 years.  They refused to close the wide open southern border,  funded every one of his illegal immigration policies, funded the entry of over 925,000 Middle East Refugees without allowing the FBI to vet them to determine if they have terrorist ties, and funded Obama’s violation of U S Federal Immigration Laws.

The Republican leaders in Congress have betrayed millions of the rank and file Republican voters who put them in the control of Congress, while the “Political Ruling Class” have continued to repeat that Donald Trump is not conservative enough.  In fact the funding of Obama’s policies by the Republican Leaders in Congress, over and over again, demonstrated that their funding policies were not conservatives at all.

I was fortunate to work for Governor, then President Ronald Reagan on and off for 14 years, including for a period of time, after President Reagan left the White House.  Very few members of the “Political Ruling Class” can even come close to President Reagan’s conservative policies.  The Republican leaders in Congress have demonstrated they are not Reagan Conservatives by failing to rein in the out of control spending, by allowing Obama to continue to hollow out the US Armed Forces to the level it stood at before WWII, by refusing to build a wall to seal the wide open border allowing the entry of over 1 million Illegal Aliens each year for the last 8 years, by failing to support the Free Enterprise System that Ronald Reagan strongly supported, by violating the US Constitution in passing bills in Congress to approve International Treaties with Iran and the 12 Pacific Rim nations, instead of passing them as International Treaties requiring a 2/3rd vote of the US Senate.

The rank and file members of the Republican Party have been frustrated by the above listed policies of the Washington “Political Ruling Class” and the Republican Congressional leadership.  They rejected the “Political Ruling Class” choice for Republican nominee for President, and have given Donald J. Trump more votes than any other Republican candidate for President in the history of the Republic, and the Republican Primaries are still not over.   Patriotic Americans have spoken, I’ve heard the same message that have resonated with the millions of Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump, and joined the fight as the Chairman, Veterans 4 Trump, Southern California (Orange County, Imperial County, and San Diego County).

For nearly 12 months we have watched the left of center liberal media establishment repeatedly try to mislead the American people by saying Donald Trump is against women, and called him a racist because he called for using the same provisions of US Federal Law that President Jimmy Carter used when he excluded Iranians from entering the United States, when he called for the pause in the entry of Middle East Refugees until the FBI can determine if they have terrorist ties.

Throughout his life, Mr Trump has associated with men and women of every ethnicity, dated women of every ethnicity, and married two immigrant women.  For over 45 years Donald Trump has employed many thousands of blacks, Asians, and Hispanic personnel, has provided women with unlimited opportunity to grow in management positions, at a time when it was not common in business circles, and he has Jewish grandchildren.  He is hardly a racist, nor is he against women.

Donald J. Trump is the only nominee for Presidents, from either party, in my lifetime, who has ever raised donations for Veterans Groups in the course of a Presidential campaign.  He raised and donated $5.6 million for Veterans groups; although Hillary has billions of dollars in her Canadian slush fund, she only donated $75,000 to veterans causes.  Mr Trump quietly donated $25,000 to Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, USMC when he incarcerated in a Mexican jail for 214 days.  At the end of the conflict with Iraq, during Operation Desert Storm, Mr Trump arranged flights for over 200 US Marines to return to the US, when he learned their transportation had been delayed. He has always been a very strong supporter of Veterans.  For many years, and with no publicity, Mr Trump has hosted Wounded Warriors and their families at Mar-a-Largo in Florida, providing them with the same amenities as paying guests at no charge.

For over 4 months, the left of center liberal media establishment, made a big show of expressing concern for veterans, by criticizing Donald Trump for not distributing the $5.6 million he raised for veterans.  Yet they never mentioned the fact that Hillary’s multi-billion dollar Canadian slush fund never came close to donating nearly $6 million to veterans.

For the last 8 years the left of center liberal media establishment have ignored the fact that 22 veterans commit suicide every day, and ignored the fact that thousands of Veterans have not been able to get medical appointments at VA hospitals for service connected injuries—so much for their hypocritical expression of concern for veterans. The hypocrisy and the double standard of the left of center liberal media establishment, in Obama and Hillary’s pocket is obvious to the American people.

We oppose Hillary whose felonious E-mail scandal, compromised and transmitted over 2200 Secret, Top Secret, and Top Secret SCI messages on an unclassified server.  It is so egregious, that 25 of those messages are so highly classified, that the American people will never know their contents.  Hillary destroyed 30,000 messages on her private server, which is violation of Federal Law.  She can’t be trusted to protect the National Security interests of the United States at all, she must be indicted for perpetrating “High Crimes” against the United States.

Hillary’s private E-mail server “disqualifies” her from holding “any federal office”.  Very specifically the Federal Law that precludes her from holding “any federal office” is US Federal Law, Title 18, Section 2071 (a) “Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or with intent to do so take and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than three years, or both.”  Hillary, by her actions, is precluded by Federal Law from running for election to any federal office, and certainly not for the highest office in the land.

Hillary  demonstrated, by her failures as Secretary of State to provide adequate security to the Mission in Benghazi, when it was personally repeatedly requested 12 times from her, over a 7 month period,  by the US Ambassador to Libya, and after “The Battle of Benghazi”, when she lied to the parents of the deceased Libyan Ambassador, the two Navy SEALs and the Communication Specialist murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorists, by telling them the attack was the result of a demonstration against a video.  Hillary is a congenital liar who is responsible for the death of four Americans, and can’t be trusted.

Hillary originally entered into secret negotiations with Iranian Radical Islamic Terrorist to develop the Un-Constitutional Iranian Nuclear Weapons Agreement that is permitting Iran to develop nuclear weapons, and intercontinental ballistic missiles that will be able to hit the United States.  By that action she has demonstrated that she doesn’t believe that the United States should remain the strongest militarily super power in the world.

By Hillary’s actions, over the last 8 years, in support of Obama’s Socialist agenda and her current support for every one of Bernie Sander’s Socialist/Communist policies, she has demonstrated that she doesn’t believe that the United States should remain as an independent sovereign nation, as a Judeo-Christian-based Constitutional Republic. as the greatest Free Enterprise System in the history of mankind.  She wants to continue down Obama’s road to Socialism

By clicking on the below listed link, and watching the video, you will fully understand why I am endorsing Donald J. Trump.

In this, the most important election in the 240 year history of the Republic, concerned Patriotic Americans Citizens should demonstrate that they:

(1) want to rebuild the “Combat Effectiveness” of the hollowed out US Armed Forces,
(2) oppose Socialism and support the retention of the Free Enterprise System that built the most successful economic engine in the history of mankind,
(3) want the FBI to vet hundreds of thousands of Middle East Muslim Refugees, being resettled in 180 US cities, to determine if they have terrorist ties, before they are allowed to enter,
(4) support the closure of the wide open southern border to prevent the continued entry of Illegal Aliens, Drug & Human Smugglers, and Radical Islamic Terrorists,
(5)  want to rein in the out of control spending by the irresponsible leaders of both parties in Congress who continue to bankrupt the Republic,
(6) want the appointment of future Justices of the Supreme Court Justices to be strict Constitutionalists who will protect provisions of the 2nd Amendment, then Americans should vote for Donald J. Trump for President

I encourage all Americans to also elect the endorsed Combat Veterans For Congress who have sworn to protect and defend the US Constitution, because their elections will contribute toward the needed change in the composition of the poorly led Congress.

To date, some of the Combat Veterans For Congress who have expressed their support for the Republican nominee are Senator Tom Cotton, Cpt-USA (R-AR-Senator), Senator John McCain, USNA ’58, Capt-USN (Ret) (R-AZ-Senate), Cong Duncan D. Hunter, Maj-USMCR, (R-CA-50), Cong Duncan L. Hunter (Ret) (Cpt/Ranger), Cong James Bridenstine, USNR (R-OK-1), Cong Ryan Zinke, USN (Ret) (SEAL) (R-MT-1), Cong Steve Russell, LTC-USA (Ret) (Ranger) (R-OK-5), BGen Mark Bircher USNA ’76, USMC (Ret) Esq. (R-FL-1), Col Robert L. Maness, USAF (Ret) (R-LA-Senate), Col Gregory G. Raths, USMC (Ret)(R-CA-45), Lcdr Paul R. Chabot, Ed. D, USNR (R-CA-31), Maj Cristov Dosev, USMCR (R-FL-1), and SgtMaj Juan M. Hidalgo, Jr., USMC (Ret) (R-CA-51).

The members of the Board of Directors of the Combat Veterans For Congress PAC who have expressed their support for the Republican nominee for President, are Cong Robert “Rob” Simmons, Col-USA/CIA (Ret), Hon Orson Swindle, III, (Commissioner FTC), Lt Col-USMC (Ret) (POW), Joseph J Frank, USA, Past National Commander American Legion, RADM Skip McGinley, II, USNA ’61, USN (Ret),  MajGen Carroll D. Childers, USA (Ret)(Ranger), Michael J. Kazanjian (USN), Capt Larry L. Bailey, USN (Ret) (SEAL), Capt R. Buddy Welborn, USNA ’59, USN (Ret) (US Naval Academy Trustee), Capt Joseph R. John, USNA ’62, USN/FBI (Ret), Senior Ops Officer Gary Berntsen, USAF/CIA (Ret), Cpt Don Bendell, USA (Green Beret), and Amy R. South, IT Director.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
Capt USN(Ret), Former FBI, Reagan Administration Alumnus
Southern California Chairman, Veterans 4 Trump

“Make America Great Again”
Donald J. Trump For President

Trump Logo

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