New Client: Scott Frank Photography

Marketing Dynamics is proud to announce a new member of our client base and member of our production team. Scott is an incredible photographer. Our vision is to develop his interests in commercial, business, professional, and film photography. We have had an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss his focus and are looking forward to growing with him as he maps out this phase of his future.

Scott Frank

Scott Frank Biography

Scott has always had a passion for photography and in the early years started out with a simple point and shoot camera. Scott really didn’t realize his potential until about 2005 when his father gave him a “REAL” 35mm film camera, It was from that moment he knew he had the “PHOTOG” bug. Being on a budget Scott quickly realized the cost of developing film and found the need to upgrade to a DSLR camera and the rest as we say is history.

Scott engrossed/educated himself on the in’s and out’s of the DSLR camera and found photo opportunities that lead him to several income producing opportunities. Scott has since assisted in producing several portfolios for models and actors as well as having been published several times in local magazines.

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