“Everything Will Be Alright” Family Film Short Submits to 168 Hour Film Festival

Taking Responsibility, Honesty, and Friendship Highlights Truth and Freedom

Katy, Texas (May 18, 2015) — Movie maker and screenwriter, Zulema Nall of Katy Texas, continues to focus her passion for films on family stories that inspire children to become better people.  “We were looking to produce a film for a prominent film contest and discovered the 168 Hour Film Festival,” said Zulema “The festival requires that we utilize one Bible scripture and produce a short film that reinforces that scripture and life lesson in a positive way.”  The Film Festival theme this year is “FREEDOM”.

Movie Poster

The short film finished shooting and is currently completing its post-production and submission in the “Kid Vid” category by the deadline of May 29, 2015 at www.168film.com.  Zulema plans to attend The 13th Annual 168 Film Festival which begins Saturday and Sunday August 29-30, 2015 at Regal Cinemas Premiere House at LA Live!

The story is set in a rural ranch home in Richmond, Texas. The owner, played by Robert Buttrick (a high-tech business executive), a workaholic, barely has time for his own children. “Ally” played by Taylor Leigh and older brother “Mike” played by Alec Mizerik learn that honesty and truth are very valuable things in life.

The movie stars local actors: Taylor Leigh, Alec Mizerik, Miguel Morin, Robert Buttrick, Luis Castro, Margaret Passe, and Nicolas Leopardo.   “A production like this takes the support of businesses, parents, local production crews, and community involvement,” said Zulema “I am so proud of everyone who participated.”

“Everything Will Be Alright” movie trailer:

For more information, please visit the film Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EverythingWillBAlright




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