Constitutional Open Carry: Why Business Owners Should Support It

I attended my first open carry rally in Houston, Texas a few Saturdays ago.  I have been following the issue for two years after the Founder of Open Carry Texas, CJ Grisham (a combat veteran) whose constitutional rights were grossly violated by the Temple Police Department as he walked with his son for a Boy Scout merit badge assignment.

Having come across wild hogs in the past personally, I understand CJ’s concern as he accompanied his son and carried the popular and fashionable AR-15 rifle on the journey out in the country. CJ was arrested that day even though it is legal to carry a rifle in Texas. The officer seemed to make up his own law that CJ was “carrying rudely.” Since then, Open Carry Texas members have held over 3,000 open carry demonstrations without incident and with many local, national and international headlines “for” and “against.” Goes to show you what one righteous veteran can do.

As a former Marine, I have studied military history, Judeo-Christian history, and also the history of the formation of the 2nd Amendment. The founding fathers knew history as well, being classically educated on the History of England and Europe and ancient civilizations. They new it was critical that the people be able to bear arms.

I wanted to make this video to rally business owners and the entrepreneur community to get behind this issue in Texas. The video has many pertinent details to consider, but I will bullet point a few of my own:

  • Constitutional Open Carry in Texas needs to happen to signal to the world that America intends to remain free! The eyes of Texas are upon our legislators and all eyes are on Texas.
  • Self defense is a natural right. Bearing of arms althought scary to some, is not a reason to prohibit this right. We’ve got a lot of “un-brainwashing” to do.
  • I am not worried about the narrative of the “crazy person with a gun” coming from supposed gun rights advocates and anti-gunners. That is a straw man argument. More guns, ensures a safer environment for all. “A good guy with a gun, will stop a bad guy with a gun.” The “crazy guy with a gun” narrative positions all gun owners as “a crazy guy with a gun.” It needs to disappear and go away. If you are afraid of a “crazy guy with a gun”, then you may want to consider joining the club and supporting the good guys with guns.
  • Millions of dollars and countless media stories strive to position gun owners in a bad light. I think we need to turn the story around to the degree that in America, if you don’t own a gun or understand the reasons for the 2nd Amendment, something is really “wrong” with you. It reveals a real lack of an understanding of history and the needs in your community.
  • Businesses who restrict the rights of their customers should pay a heavy price for that restriction to include  providing additional security, triage care (certified quarterly), increased insurance requirements, emergency response protocols, and increased licensing fees for public licenses. “Gun Free Zones” have proven to be very dangerous, not worth the risk for many families who are aware of businesses who restrict personal protection.
  • Our veteran community and our forefathers fought and died for these rights.
  • Finally, those of us who have invested in our arms and training are providing a “non-paid” service to the community. We are providing for a drop in violent crime across the country at our expense, so others can argue that there is no need for armed citizenry (they never come across crime). The armed community are the true first responders and deterrants to criminal behavior.

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