In the News: “Hero Joes and Wonder Janes” Radio Interview with Reality TV Producer Jay Jones

Had an opportunity to go on the air with Reality TV Producer Jay Jones and business partner in Hungry Fish Media to talk about “Hero Joes and Wonder Janes” TV program we are working to produce with Award-winnig Journalist and Radio Host Kevin Price of “The Price of Business” (

Jay Hix Jones, founder and creative director of Hungry Fish, is a reality television producer with several popular credits to his name.  Jay has worked on several reality based TV shows like “The Jerry Springer Show” (out of college), “The Tyra Banks Show” (Jay proposed to his wife live with Tyra’s help in one episode), “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, “Ice Road Truckers”, “1,000 Ways to Die”, “Texas Justice”, and “Hoarders”, to name a few.

UPDATE: Jay just picked up the new series to air on Discovery Channel “Dead Raisers.” Look for it and get ready for “Float” documentary (taping this year).

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