FIVE2OH “Geeked UP!” Turnt it Up!


Press Release:

“FIVE2OH joins Javo Records”

It’s official. After a brief but effective meeting staged by Johnny Flores, Lil Raskull’s manager, RAS has added FIVE2OH to the one life, one love, one blood family, Javo Records.

FIVE2OH is a CHH group based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. The three man crew has managed to perfect their sound over the last few years making an excellent name for themselves within the genre. The three members of the group Rill, Beezy, and Juju all share a passion for Christ and evangelizing which is evident in their music and lives. This makes the second Hip Hop addition within the last quarter RAS has added to Javo. FIVE2OH joins the newest member, 18 year old Capital G, who recently dropped his single and video “Once in a Lifetime”.

“This a great time to pursue a CHH label”, RAS stated. “FIVE2OH joining Javo was a no brainer for me. “Aside from their own material which is really good stuff, they are excellent producers”. “I look forward to building with them.” “Not only their careers, but all Javo artist will benefit for these guys”.

Look for a Javo Record’s various artist album featuring FIVE2OH which is already under works.

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