Native American Concert Rally Update

It was our pleasure and honor to support and market the first ever “Native American Conert Rally to Rescue Wild Horses.” The concert, tradeshow, and cultural exprience was held in Fort Worth, September 21, 2014 with appearances by Movie Actors Saginaw Grant, Billy Blair, II, Cody Jones, Mark Boone, Jr. (“Sons of Anarchy:), and Steve Reevis. Endorsements by International Movie Actor Wes Studi (“Geronimo”) and Irene Bedard (“Pocohontas”).  Performances by Project Light House, Swift Voice Singers and Drummers of Denver, CO, Jon Spotted Horse, Noel Haggard, Nashville Recording Artist Noel Haggard, and Alaina Kay.  What an incredible weekend of performances, celebrity appearances, and memories with new and old friends.


Knobby Brown Productions is planning the next concert rally in Denver, May 2015. Stay tuned.


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