Event Marketing and Promotion for Digital Content Creators

Utilizing Social Gatherings to Accelerate Your Entertainment PropertiesBy Andy Valadez, Marketing Strategist of Marketing Dynamics

Originally published in C47Houston News and Entertainment Magazine July/August 2014 Issue (www.C47Houston.com)

In my last article, I made reference to the death of film and the term “filmmakers.” Shortly thereafter, master story teller, Quentin Tarantino, basically said the same thing at Cannes (Google: “Death of Cinema”). I knew my article might be a little controversial, but my point is that the content makers of the future must think beyond “filmmaking” and into experience immersion. Think about it.

Our lives are filled with good and bad memorable experiences. We are changed by the images, ideas, stories, music, and the people we associate with, basically, the events in our lives. So, the new paradigm of media requires encompassing all elements of marketing to leverage the art and the science of content. If “Content is King” and you want to be the “King of Content”, then the definition of content should touch everything that your story impacts!

An event by definition is an occurrence that is of importance to us – something we remember. To be relevant, I am going to reference events associated with the entertainment community (i.e. motion picture screenings, musical performances, educational events, public gatherings, presentations, press junkets, film festivals, on-line promotions, etc.).

For you to make an impact, one must focus on assembling the right team for every aspect of the production from start to finish. Your team will accelerate your vision in every facet of production. Great minds don’t think alike, but together they can be brilliant! So, the new “filmmaker” is more than someone who captures images and tells a story, they are a master of the total package or should be. How you manage your team determines how successful your production can be.

Event promotion strategy and tactical implementation:

  • Pick your marketing team with strengths in communication, social media, sales, public relations, event management experience, graphical design, and business savvy.
  • Give your event enough planning time from 8 months to one year (depending on the type of event).
  • Brainstorm your offering with your team so everyone is on the same page. It creates an accumulation of ideas to draw from.
  • Marketing theme collateral development (i.e., VIP receptions, logos, produce audio and video promotional content, websites, tickets, decorations, giveaways, merchandise offering, backdrops, step-and-repeats, e-newsletter, etc.).
  • Involve the media and invite them as your guest to all events, or share your story with the local or national media via well-crafted press releases that include photos, video clips, elements to tell the story and purpose, blogs and social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, FB and Twitter.
  • Align with a not-for-profit to leverage support.
  • Donate a portion of your proceeds to a charitable organization and advertise it.
  • Create unique sponsor packages that are branded for your specific event.
  • Sales takes on many forms from selling sponsorships, reaching out to potential attendees, securing talent, venue selection, and recruiting promotional alliances and more.
  • Staffing and training for the event (every aspect must be thought-out).
  • Pre-event party or VIP reception.
  • VIP reserved seating, but make sure there is seating for some who may not be considered VIPs but can go a long way to promote the project.
  • An after-party event to celebrate everyone’s hard work.
  • And lots more!

Send me an e-mail about your next event or tweet me @StealthMarketer or Andy@TeamMarketingDynamics.com.

Edited by Norman Ray Fitts (www.NormanRayFitts.com ) with a first pass by Lily Hewgley.

About Marketing Dynamics

Marketing Dynamics was founded by Andy Valadez, graduate of Texas A&M University with a BBA degree in Marketing and Tulane University (Applied Business Certificate). He is a former United States Marine (serving during Desert Storm/Shield).  Andy is an entrepreneur who enjoys advising his clients on how to capitalize on their opportunities by adopting best practices and principles in marketing with a focus on strategy and tactical implementation. He is also a trending producer on IMDB.com.  Marketing Dynamics serves these key sectors:  technology, broadcast, entertainment, publishing, sports, and start-ups. To learn more visit:  www.TeamMarketingDynamics.com

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