Hollywood Actress, Producer and Acting Coach Comes to Texas to Develop Entertainment Talent

Assists those pursuing their career in the “real world of make believe”

Joanna RedHouston, TX (August 19, 2014) – Actress, Producer and Acting Coach Joanna Sanchez is coming to Texas for her regular training sessions for local actors. Joanna has made a commitment to travel to Houston for the past several years in order to build a solid base of film talent for her network in Tinseltown, refine professional on-camera skills with her students in the Texas market, relay her current and past experiences to her novice and advanced actors. She has established herself as a trusted resource for those are pursuing their career in acting for TV and Cinema in both markets. All roads still lead to Hollywood.

Joanna has appeared in “NYPD Blue”, “Boston Public”, “Slackers”, “The Closer”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Awkward” and has worked with the producers of “Wolf of Wall Street” in “Bad Hurt” (currently in post-production). “I enjoy working with my Texas actors and look forward to seeing them progress,” says Joanna “I often get calls from producers in Hollywood to recommend certain actors and it has been my pleasure to earn my place as a respected voice in Texas.” Training is available for children and adults.

Joanna Sanchez will be conducting private and open group classes in Houston, August 23rd and 24th (Sat. and Sun.). Joanna brings her experience of being a working actor and producer in Hollywood, and offers fresh industry insights and valued Meisner Technique training to those who are dedicated to living in the “real world of make believe.” Sessions are blocked in one-hour private instruction increments with the group open training being 2-hours in duration. Her schedule is 24-hours starting Saturday at 12AM through Sunday afternoon. So, she is available for those with day jobs or night owls. Pricing starts at $150 per hour and by group session.


For more information please visit: www.JoannaSanchezEntertainment.com or by calling 310.801.2561.


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