Sikkshades® by Eddie Bauer, Jr. Signs World Champion Martial Arts Team TForceElite

Italian Design, Flash Electric™ Protection Non-slip Nose Cradle, BalancedTeam ShotPhoto taken at a recent Maverick’s game performance in Dallas

(Houston, Texas) – TForceElite ( is cadre of advanced martial artists who specialize in choreographed routines demonstrating their expert skill level in Extreme and Creative Martial Arts.

The advanced martial arts team is trained by the watchful eye of their team leader Trace Megellas and Sensei Carmichael Simon who has over 30 years of martial arts experience.

“WOW SIKK, your next step into the extreme world…SIKK Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr! These shades are cool for anyone from 4 to 97, which happens to be my Grandfather the most decorated officer in the History of the 82nd Airborne! Show your own cool vibe…set your own style…and join the new generation!” says Trace.

“TForceElite is now sponsored by SIKK Shades. We have become really selective on who we partner with. For us it has to fit that next generation feel and come with a powerful look and message. We see SIKK Shades as the logical choice for ‘New Breed of Martial Artists’!” said Trace.

TForceElite is a group of martial artists who hold over 25 World titles in 5 different leagues. Composed of World Class martial Artists, Actors, Models and Dancers. In April their Facebook page hit a reach of 1,000,000 and in less than 1 year has almost 40,000 followers on the page. As a team they compete all over from nearly everywhere in the US, Mexico, Uruguay, and the UK. The team also runs Camp of Champions and Individual Seminars every month across the US ( This year marks TForceElite’s first martial arts tournament sanctioned by 4 leagues TKO, The League, MLT and PSKL (all major martial arts bodies)! July 26th in Grapevine, TX (, you are invited to stop by a visit the SIKK Shades booth at the tournament!

The Seven Qualities of a Champion: power, posture, quickness, timing, endurance, flexibility, and balance (most important).

TForceElite Mission Statement: To educate and develop the elite class of martial arts performers.

The force is comprised by Trace Megellas (Team Captain), Devin Tinkman, Alex Garza, Connor Brennan, Addie Perry, Tempe Perry, Richard Shaw, Kobe Shaw, Seth Lee, and Ryan Maczuga (with over 30 world championships under their belt).

“TForceElite is a power to be reckoned with from, the third coast,” says Sensei Simon “The next generation of martial artists are phenomenal.”

Examples of the art can be seen here:

TForceElite – Training for a New Breed of Martial Artists

TForceElite, 2013 Sky Ball with the US ARMY

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. was launched in January of 2014 with idea of changing the industry from what is currently available in the three billion dollar sunglasses market. A true entrepreneur and iconic leader in his circles, Eddie sought out the best in the sports community for market feedback, retail and distribution advisers, marketing and sales strategists, lens technology leaders, and artisan Italian designers to create two introductory styles – The Huckleberry and The Qualifier (wraps). The shades currently retail at $130 each, a very competitive price point compared to more established offerings at much higher prices.

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. features a non-slip nose cradle. Many athletes lamented that the major brands slip off their face under the inertia of their movements. In addition, these intense performers were concerned about “prism” effect and distant distortion provided by leading eyewear as well. At high speeds, clarity of vision and distance judgment is critical.

So, Eddie solved these problems with a product that is fashionable, balanced, assembled by hand, built-to-last, and relieves stress points along the temples and behind the ear. Flash Electric™ coated lenses, reduces visual micro fractures which can stress the eyes. Flash Electric is an iridium coating process that is scratch and smudge resistant and allows the eye to receive natural light without causing pupils to dilate and impacting the eyes with an overexposure of UVA and UVB light. Other lenses may cause the pupils to widen, allowing more unhealthy light rays to impact the retinas. Some have reported a feeling of nausea with inferior lenses.

The iconic “Sikkshades Groucho” logo was expertly designed by a leading logo designer and has been adopted in the extreme sports and longboard skate community as “The Moustache Shades” which adds to the “cool factor”. The eye ware has also been adopted by those serving the military and law enforcement, with great reviews on social media.

For more information please visit:

About Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr.

Sikkshades by Eddie Bauer, Jr. is a sports action eyewear company based in Houston. Eddie Bauer, Jr. has been an adrenaline junkie for many years competing in extreme motor cross, iron man competitions, and more. The science and technology behind his designs are being received well within the extreme sports community, music industry, and now the film community. We hope to see you at the red carpet events and sporting events across the country. Eddie’s team of marketing and sales professionals are eager to serve you in any capacity that helps you to become more competitive and comfortable when exposed to the effects of damaging solar UV rays on the eyes.

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