Supporting Open Carry Texas Today! – “Shall not be infringed.”

Mini-14 (2)Andy Valadez, USMC 88 to 92 (Ruger Mini-14, 40-round magazine) – Ted Nugent t-shirt

We believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms. The attack on gun owners will stop, thanks to organizations like Open Carry Texas who are leading, raising awareness and educating the general public in the Information Wars. Texas legislators are currently considering allowing the open carry of handguns, but have been slow to respond.

It is already legal in Texas to open carry long rifles. So, what gives? Support Open Carry Texas. Exercise your rights.

The 2nd Amendment does not give us this right. It is a God given right – the right to self-defense that was codified into law for our exercise thereof.

We should be asking ourselves as Americans, why is there such a big push to disarm us?  It isn’t about gun control, it is about control.

Send me your “Open Carry” photo and I will post on this blog post.

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On mission,

Andy Valadez
Marketing Dynamics
Houston, Texas


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