Supporting Open Carry Texas


On March 2nd, 2014, the largest pro-carry group in the state, Open Carry Texas, will be celebrating the 178th anniversary of Texas Independence all across our great Republic. On this monumental day in history, Texas stood up against Mexico’s tyranny in a powerful display of resistance, reclaiming our once-lost freedom.

To raise awareness of these sacred rights, Texans everywhere will be exercising their legally protected authority to open carry long rifles and pre-1899 sidearms while educating the public on gun safety and the importance of the 2nd amendment. With the support of numerous politicians and candidates, open carry is becoming more and more talked about and accepted. As a hot issue in many political debates here in our state, this event will offer everyday citizens a chance to become engaged, while allowing candidates on both sides of the aisle a chance to prove their proclaimed stance.

Open Carry Texas is calling on patriots everywhere to exercise this important right on such a significant anniversary, because after all, a right not exercised is a right easily lost.

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