2013 MexProExpo – The Most Interesting Aggie Interns in the World

jpg logoMarketing Dynamics enjoyed participating in the inaugural B2B event in Houston, Texas, December 13, 2013 at the H.E.S.S. Club, produced by The Lazos Group.

Marketing Dynamics advised on the flow of the show recommending the use of text alert technology, produced video production, internet broadcast, the event toast, whitepaper show survey, introducing the emcee host Nellie Gonzalez (award-winning filmmaker and TV producer), step-and-repeat feature, release and distribution of approved press releases, social media utilization to drive visibility dialogue about the show, presentation review and itinerary, and discussions about the show next year.

The total team effort was led by Principals Adora Galas of Riazul Tequila, Julio Esparaza, and Trey Velasco.  Many thanks to the wonderful sponsors and speakers.

The show was supported by the Mays School of Business School Aggie Interns, that we have come to call “The Most Interesting Aggie Interns in the World (featuring the Most Interesting Man in the World of Dos Equis)”.  Gig’em! Thank you Ags and send us your resumes, so we can help you find jobs in 2014!

For more info, visit:  www.MexProExpo.com

Most Interesting Aggie Interns in the World - 2013 MexProExpo

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