Fanatical Change Set to Bless Families Next Week in Houston, Texas

Article by Andy Valadez

You are invited to be a part of something truly remarkable – Fanatical Change.  The fundraising Masquerade Ball will be held at a 7,000 square foot mansion in the Heights on 5/17, from 6:30Pm to 10:30PM.  Tickets from $15 to $100.  Masks will be provided. Why?

This group of inspired, dedicated, on mission volunteers will raise well over $30,000 in one night and within 24 hours show up to the comfort of a several families within days of a traumatic event.  You’ll probably hear about the tragedy in the news and Fanatical Change will be busy reviewing the needs and decide how they can assist.

The members of Fanatical Change decided that if something bad is going to happen in their city and if they can help make things easier for those affected, they will. Next Wednesday, the selection committee will review families yet to be selected. Some say that this part of the process is the most emotional.

Here is how you can impact your community now:

  • Share this link on Facebook or other social media
  • Attend the Masquerade Ball (Cocktail Attire)
  • Donate at the link below
  • Invite friends to attend the ball
  • Ask others to share on their social media


Recent Video Example of Fanatical Change in Action (couple had lost everything in a fire and the next day the mom has her baby and then calls the team to thank them right after delivery).  Contributions were able to provide for this family in real time and get them back on their feet without skipping a beat.

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