“Create the Need and Give Them Something They Never Knew They Wanted”

Enjoy chatting with our friends on Facebook.  My former U.S. Marine Executive Officer Jeff Pohlmann posted this quote (the title of this blog post) on my wall and I asked him if I could pirate it, because “I never knew I needed a quote like this.”

He and I managed to reunite after many years in Houston, not long ago.  We had last spoken when I was in his command at the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing in New Orleans, LA in 1991.

Anyway, his timely quote is a long-held assertion I have had, that marketers can “create demand” for a service or product, pretty much on demand. It just depends on the product, the service, psychographics, and economic conditions of the market place.

Effective marketing should be focused on strategy first and tactics second.  Strategy should be focused on leverage points that help gain traction.  Here are a few ways to leverage your brand:

  • Hire a real marketing team (are they focused on strategy?) – a specialist focused on one thing, does not a marketer make
  • Use public relations to your advantage
  • Create effective promotion strategies and leverage your public relations
  • Develop marketing tools to tell your story (i.e., on-line videos, audios, podcasts interviews, PowerPoint tools, Facebook pages, and more)
  • Hire spokespeople to push your brand
  • Set market pricing programs to sell premium
  • Use entertainment marketing (i.e., feature film, movie shorts, music, sports, racing, etc.)
  • Generate a grea photo library with captivating images
  • Use fashion
  • Memorable tag lines, brand statements
  • Be written about in books and screenplays (make friends with authors)
  • Be included in a new technology somehow and someway (find those people) – support them and they will support you
  • Don’t be boring!
  • Show up at events where people need to see your company participating 
  • Be relevant
  • Return calls, be accessible and demand that from your team or “They are fired!”

We are an entertainment oriented society.  People don’t leave their personalites at the door when they go to work or leave home.  Your brand should captivate.  If it doesn’t?  Your strategy is all wrong.  If it does?  Congratulations, keep the momentum going.

Andy Valadez
President/CEO of Marketing Dynamics
Direct: 713.560.3348

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